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Bryan - Non-Traditional Student

“My mission is to improve the student experience and engage students in the process.”

Bringing a career and nonprofit background in disaster management to Fort Hays State University, Bryan’s status as anon-traditional student affords him unique perspective on what students can get from their college experience.  

“Classes provide a very broad-based experience, but they do not give you an opportunity to put that into real-world experience,” Bryan says. He knows that students who have involved have more depth to pull from in a job interview, which sets them apart. “Depth comes through involvement,” he adds.

Bryan knows first-hand, though, the challenges of prioritizing limited time to be involved as a student. “When you’re older, you are more selective about where you spend your time,” Bryan says. And he has chosen to take leadership roles within the Greek community and among students.

Bryan is a credible spokesperson on the hectic life that is balancing academics with work—he’s among the demographic of students who must work to put themselves through school. His instructors have been supportive and Bryan uses his professional experience to network with university leaders, faculty and alumni to champion students and their needs. He knows that working paid jobs, while critical for many, limits students’ opportunities to be involved and concentrate academically.

“Alumni may not be fully aware of what students are going through,” Bryan says. “Students need scholarship and grants.” Bryan hopes to continue to advocate for the needs of students to help create more opportunities for them to become involved in enriching real-world experiences.  

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