Invest in Students

Kelcie– Learning Community Participant

“Yes,you can have fun in college, but I’m also here to learn. That’s my job.”

Kelcie was drawn to Fort Hays State University by the opportunity to connect with outstanding faculty and her Learning Community support system has helped inspire her academic success. Before classes had even begun, Kelcie had met Learning Community faculty and students. Living and working together, the students have established a sense of security in each other that has bolstered Kelcie’s confidence as she has explored the world in ways she never imagined.

In her first year, a unique service project took Kelcie and other students to Washington, D.C. to meet and learn from international experts. “Most kids have only heard of D.C. My parents haven’t even been there, but now I have a mental picture of it,” Kelcie says.

Kelcie is among one of 25 students selected to be a VIP Ambassador to Fort Hays State University. Her dreams for Fort Hays are to expand the opportunities she has had to others. “A Learning Community for every major would be so positive.” She says. “It allows students to ask for help,hear information explained a different way and be encouraged in their success.”

At Fort Hays State University, Learning Communities encourage potential, enable success, create experiences and fuel innovation. Your investment in the Division of Student Affairs makes this possible by inspiring the future—incredible students like Kelcie. Make a Gift today!



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