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Sara - Undergraduate Researcher & Teaching Assistant for KAMS

  "I spark interest. I enjoy helping students become excited about learning."

The graduate program chosen by Sara will be a lucky one to have her. “My acceptance into all the programs to which I applied is a reflection of my experience here at Fort Hays,”Sara says. She has been performing undergraduate research in biochemistry at Fort Hays State University since the summer after she first attended classes at FHSU—an opportunity reserved at most institutions for graduate students and one that has ignited her passion for science and for inspiring young people.

As a teaching assistant for the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS), Sara and a team of classmates showcase science and math experiments and the opportunities that math and science open for students. Sara is passionate about“driving interest” and diversifying educational opportunities in this way because she says she did not see research as a possibility herself when she was young.

While she humbly acknowledges that being a tutor and president of both the Chemistry Club and honorary society Omicron Delta Kappa is a mark of distinction, Sara measures her academic success by how many children she can inspire to pursue math and science.

“Having a community helps you focus. I’ve learned in leadership class and the lab that no matter what field you go into,you’ll probably work in a team environment and whether small or large, the main thing is to collaborate with colleagues rather than work by yourself,” Sara says.“When I graduate and get a good job, I’m hoping to give back to Chemistry because that is where the foundation of my success was built.”

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