Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home

The main goal of the Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home is to provide unwed mothers who are between the ages of 10 and 21 with the resources and social support to enable them to make life-affirming decisions concerning their future and that of their unborn children. The Home also provides a life-skills curriculum to empower the unwed mothers with the tools necessary to live independently as well as provide counseling to shoe wanting to improve themselves and set goals for the future. Additionally, the Home provides the opportunity for the unwed mothers to work or complete schooling and it provides a positive environment to enable unwed mothers to build self-esteem enabling them to respect themselves, their bodies, and make good decisions in future relationships. The Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home is located in Hays, Kansas and serves women all over the United States.

Our students will spent an afternoon at the Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home to learn about its services and assist with a few projects around the home.


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