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We’re ready for the next phase of the TigerNetID rollout: students!

All students will need to activate their TigerNetIDs. We are changing the username/password system behind all of our student services (TigerTracks, Blackboard, etc), and at some point we will have to remove the old system. Anyone who hasn’t activated a TigerNetID by the time we remove the old system will lose access until they have successfully activated their TigerNetID. The date for this cutover is not set in stone, but we expect it to be near the end of Summer 2016. The date will be solidified once we see how quickly students are activating their new accounts.

Just to clarify, TigerNetID is not replacing TigerTracks. TigerTracks is still the student web portal and students will still be using it. TigerNetID just replaces the username/password that students use, which has previously been called the TigerTracks username, account, or login on most of our web pages.

Students who are currently enrolled, have been enrolled in the last 5 years, or who have applied but never enrolled can activate their TigerNetIDs now. Tech Services will be utilizing as many communication channels as possible to get the word out about TigerNetIDs.

Students who have not been enrolled in the last 5 years will come later. There are nearly 300,000 students in our system, so it’s going to take a while to create all of those accounts! We’ll let everyone know when students in this category can begin activating TigerNetIDs, and we’ll do our best to communicate with the students themselves. This won’t happen until the Spring semester is over.

An automated email will be sent to students who need to activate their TigerNetID. This email will come from and contain the student’s username and 8-digit FHSU ID. This email will go to a student’s secondary email and official FHSU email ( address). Hopefully this catches new students who can’t login to FHSU email yet, as well as students who have previously registered a TigerTracks username and no longer check their secondary email. We’ll send this email periodically to people who need to register. As the deadline approaches, we’ll send more and more frequent emails with stronger and stronger warnings that access may be cut off. All of these emails will point students to TigerTech for any questions they may have.

Now is the time to review content where you have previously referred students to TigerTracks. All statements that say “go to TigerTracks” are correct if you are referring to the TigerTracks portal ( All statements that say “activate your TigerTracks account” must be replaced with “activate your TigerNetID” (

We have discovered many offices are producing/printing/sending students outdated information! Because technology is always changing, it is strongly recommended you post links to TigerTech, instead of creating content that may quickly become out of date. We will update the TigerTech pages as soon as new information is available, which takes the burden off you and avoids confusion!

Example language for web pages and student communication:

New students are encouraged to read the New Student Information page to learn about technology at FHSU.

New students will need to activate their TigerNetID to get access to FHSU technology services, such as the student portal (TigerTracks), student e-mail (Gmail), and learning management system (Blackboard). Students can learn more by reading the New Student Information page ( or TigerNetID FAQs (

Current students will need to activate their TigerNetID, even if they’ve previously registered a TigerTracks username. You can activate your TigerNetID by following these directions ( or read the FAQs ( for more information.

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