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Smarthinking: Online Academic Assistance for Virtual College Students

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It’s 12 a.m. the night before your final and you’re stuck on a problem. You decide it’s too late to email your professor or call classmates. As you slip deeper into panic mode, you gulp your caffeinated drink and mumble under your breath, "where is help when I need it?" Tired of situations like this one? We’ve got the answer to your studying needs!

With Smarthinking, you can:

  • Connect with an e-structor and interact with a live tutor.
  • Schedule a personal session and pre-schedule a live session with an e-structor of your choice.
  • Submit your writing for any class to our Online Writing Lab.
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.

If students are enrolled in at least 2 credit hours of only virtual college classes, they can get access to Smarthinking in TigerTracks. The link is on the "Online Services" tab, under academics.

Virtual College students can get started with Smarthinking by contacting the Virtual College at 785-628-4291. You will need to provide your name and FHSU ID number to confirm eligibility for Smarthinking.

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