Science Fair Registration Form


2015 Regional Science Fair Registration Form

Please send all additional required forms (see Teacher/Sponsor page for details) to:  

Deadline to Register is January 28, 2015
There is a $15 registration fee per student (includes a t-shirt).  After submitting on-line registration form, please send fee to:

Sci/Math Education Institute
Attn: Ann Noble
600 Park Street
Hays,KS  67601

Checks should be payable to Science & Mathematics Education Institute
If your school or organization needs a bill or receipt, please contact Ann Noble at (785) 628-5449

Exhibitor:     Grade:
Age: Gender:        
T-Shirt Size:   Division:   
Address: City:
Zip: Phone:   
  Individual or Group Project:
  If group, list additional members:
Project Area: School Name:   
School Phone: Is your school:

School City: Principal:
Teacher: Teacher's E-mail:
PARENTAL APPROVAL (required) - I certify to the best of my knowledge, this exhibit was essentially completed by and is largely the work of the student(s) named above. I give my approval for its showing at the FHSU Regional Science & Engineering Fair. I also understand that NO project can be removed from the fair until after the awards ceremony. NO EXCEPTIONS. I have seen and read the rules of the fair. These boxes must be checked:  
          Parent Digital Signature:  
Project Title:

Questions (Why did you conduct the experiment? What did you hope to learn?)
Hypothesis (What did you think would happen?)
Materials Needed:

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