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Previous Science Cafe's

  "Immunizations to Prevent and Eradicate Diseases"
             Bevra Brinkman, Kimberly Koerner,  & Dr. Ellen Squire; Hays Medical Center

  "NACA & NASA: The Early Years"
            John Ross
  "The Art of Watering" 
           Holly Dickman, K-State Research & Extension
          Brendon McCampbell
  "Vive le difference!"
          Dr. Jon Hauxwell

  "The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science" - - 50th Science Cafe!
         Chris Mooney

  "Evolutionary Economics"
         W. Trey Hill, Department of Psychology, FHSU

   "Comet Ison: The Comet that Was or Wasn't" 
         Dr. Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University 

  "Changing Seasons" 
         Dr. Greg Farley, FHSU Biology 

  "Still Curious About Curiosity" 
         Dr. John Heinrichs, FHSU Geosciences

  "De-Clawing Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics for the Rest of Us"
         Dr. Elise Crull, University of Aberdeen
 "Of Mussels and Men" 
         Curtis Wolf, Kansas Wetlands Education Center   

   "Astrobiology Through a Microscope: Extremophiles in our Cosmo" 
       Dr. Samuel Zwenger, FHSU Biological Sciences
      Kansas From 88,000 Feet: FHSU's High-Altitude Balloon Launch  
       Dr. Jack Maseberg and Dr. Paul Adams
              Still Image Video  
                  Balloon Launch Video

   "Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe"  
       Dr. Bharat Ratra

    "Neutrinos and the OPERA Experiment" 
       Dr. Eric Deyo

   "The Future is Now: Science Fiction Authors & Invention" 
        Dr. Bradley Will, Associate Professor of English/Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences

 "NASA: Dollar$ and $en$e" 
        Randy Gish, Johnson Space Center, ret 
 "Weather Extremes: Natural or Not" - -  
       Dr. John Heinrichs, Fort Hays State University, Geoscience Department

 "Bag It: The Damaging Effects of Plastic Bags on our Ecosystem"  
      Keegen Olson & Delphine Brisson-Burns 

"Using Social Networking Sites: How Facebook Usage is Impacting Us"  
       Dr. John Raacke & Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke

 "Space: The Final Frontier, NASA's Next Ten Years" 
       Dr Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University

 "Peak Oil: What is the World Energy Outlook"  
        Dr. Keith Miller, Kansas State University, Department of Geology

 "Embracing the Honeybee" 
          Greg Swob 

 "Dust World" 
          Dr. Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University 
 "Auger North"           
          Dr. Nick Solomey, WSU Department of Physics

 "Who's Afraid of Frankenfoods (and why)"            
         Dr. Larry Davis, Kansas State University,  Professor of Biochemistry  

 "The Face of Mars: A Critical Look" 
            Dr. John Heinrichs, Fort Hays State University, Geoscience Department  

 "Can Citizens Prevent Global Warming?" 
            Dr. Bob Mosil - 1985 Nobel Peace Prize Winner/Woodrow Wilson Scholar 

 "God, Darwin and Gobal Warming?"
             Kenneth Miller, Brown University Biologist  

 "Why Fear Snakes? What's Fact, What's Fiction, What's Evolution?"              
            Brian Bartels, Museum Educator, Sternberg Museum

"What is a Pelican doing in Kansas? Cheyenne Bottoms: Sights and Sounds of Bird Migration
              CJ Wolf

 "Where Does Kansas stand on common core standards?" 
             Sally Cauble, Kansas Board of Education, District 5

 "Super Darn Radar" 
              Mark Garret, Fort Hays State University

 "Nanotechnology: How small is that? Is it dangerous?" 
              Dr. Cathy Clewett, Fort Hays State University 

 "2012: The End of Time?"  
               Dr. Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University 

 "Wonder Drugs gone bad" the dark side of antibiotics 
              Jon Hauxwell, M.D.

 "Violence in Women" 
             Dr. Janett Naylor, Fort Hays State University, Psychology 

 "Satellites and Strange Space Clouds" 
            Dr. Dianne Robinson, Hampton University, VA

 "Using Genomics to Address Environmental Change" 
            Dr. Mike Herman, Kansas State University, Biology

 "Mankind's Giant Leap" 
            Dr. Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University

 "How Stable Isotopes in Bird Feathers Give Us a Sense of Place in Time" 
            Dr. Dave Rintoul, Kansas State University Division of Biology

 "Exoplanet Discovery" 
            Dr. Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University

 "Bioethics: How Science and Ethics Intersect" 
            Dr. Carl E. Miller, Fort Hays State University, Philosophy

 "The Large Hadron Collider" 
            Dr. Phil Baringer, KU Physics, LHC Researcher

 "Academic Freedom" 
            Dr. Darrell Hamlin, Fort Hays State University

 "Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs, and Sea Monsters: Oh My!"  
           Mike Everhart 

 "Wind + Alternative Energies" 
            Dr. Ruth Douglas Miller, KSU Electrical Engineering Department

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