Social Entrepreneurship Concentration

Social entrepreneurship involves the application of innovative ideas to assist others in need (such as refugees, the homeless, or abandoned children). If you have a drive to improve our society while earning a living in an occupation that attempts to help people, then this degree may be for you. The MPS in Social Entrepreneurship teaches practical skills that allow one to start a nonprofit or work within a nonprofit.  All courses are available through the Virtual College.  Application deadlines are March 1 for Fall admission and October 1 for Spring admission.  Requirements include a 3.2 undergraduate GPA and submission of a one page essay on the question. “For what reasons do you want to pursue the Social Entrepreneurship concentration in the MPS?”


CORE (9 hours)
SOC 665 Social Entrepreneurship (3)
SOC 621 Advanced Sociological Research (3)*^
SOC 673 Program Development and Evaluation (3)*
MAJOR (12 hours)
SOC 670 Grant Proposal Development (3)
SOC 679 Community Theory and Development (3)*
SOC 680 Nonprofit Organization (3)
SOC 681 NGOs: Global Social Innovation (3)
COGNATES (6 hours selected in consultation with your advisor)
POLS 616 Public Personnel Management (3)
MGT 611 Human Resource Management (3)
LDRS 640 Principles of Civic Leadership (3)
LDRS 650 Principles of Organizational Leadership (3)
GBUS 802 Management and Marketing Concepts (3)
IDS 804 Information Literacy (3)
SOC 674 Independent Study in Sociology (research on existing nonprofits) (3)
SOC 675 Seminar in Sociology: Nonprofit Consulting (3)
SOC 676 Apprenticeship in Sociology (3)
SOC 677 Internship in Sociology (3)
SOC 874 Independent Study in Sociology: Culminating Experience (3)

  * courses taken as an undergraduate at FHSU may not be repeated at the graduate level.  Please contact Dr. Campbell for acceptable substitution courses for your program of study to fulfill this program requirement.  

^ Students should complete an undergraduate social/behavioral basic research methods course before enrolling in SOC 621.