FY 13 Funded Grants and Contracts


Primary Investigator   Grant Title   Funding Agency   Description   Amount Awarded
Michael Madden   MULTI-YEAR AWARD Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence   Department of Health & Human Services

  Undergraduate student opportunities to participate in biomedical research   Year 4 of 5.  
Michael Madden

  MULTI-YEAR AWARD  K-INBRE Summer Scholar Awards   National Institutes of Health   Summer scholarships for students  Year 4 of 5.     12,000.00 

  Kansas State Department of Education   Sub grant from the KSDE to deliver professional development for Career and Technical Teachers 
 Year 3 of 4.
Germaine Taggart   MULTI-YEAR AWARD  Project KNOTtT 3.0:  Mobilizing National Educator Talent   US Department of Education   Subcontract from The Ohio State University (continuing award.)  Year 2 of 5.   37,997.00
Bill Weber

  Noyce STEM Teacher Leaders for Western Kansas

  National Science Foundation (NSF)   Provide Scholarships and professional development for STEM pre-service and in-service teachers.   1,124,844.00 
Abbie Wedel   Kansas Early Learning Collaborative Grant   Child Care Aware of Kansas    Increase the quality, and availability of toddler child care based on a pre and post quality rating assessment.     8,997.34 
Craig Smith

  Enhancing the Technical and Analytical Skills of Our Farmers, Technicians, and Crop Consultants    USDA/NIFA   Collaborating with a community college to further advance each institution's presence in the field of precision agriculture.   277,243.00 
Greg Panichello

  Kansas Small Business Development Center CY 2013 Grant      U.S. Small Business Administration   First Year of a Three Year Award.   882,018.00 
Christine Hober

  Nurse Educator Service Scholarship Program for FY 13

  Kansas Board of Regents     Scholarship Support for Family Nurse Practitioner Students in the MSN Degree Program at Fort Hays State University.   42,777.49 
Paul Adams

  Increasing Energy Education in Grades 5-12 for Rural Schools    NSF EPSCOR   Teacher workshop to improve energy education.    12,179.00
Gavin Buffington

  KSGC   Kansas Space Grant Consortium-WSU   Ongoing funding from the Kansas Space Grant Consortium.   19,909.00
Scott R. Jones


  Center for Economic Education    Kansas Council on Economic Education   The Center for Economic Education provides support to K-12 teachers in professional development related to Economics and Personal Finance.   4,526.50
Jean Gleichsner

  Storm Drain Marking in Hays    Midwest Energy   Students in the Soils course will be given the opportunity to participate in the service-learning project to mark storm drains to prevent pollution in the City of Hays.     1,000.00 
Paul Adams

  Robotics for Western Kansas Schools    KS NASA Space Grant    Provide robotics training for area teachers     7,575.00 
William Stark


  Data Management and support for statewide stream surveys (fishes)    Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism   Identify and curate fish collected by KDWPT stream survey crews.     27,350.00
William Stark

  Development of a Recovery Plan for the Longnose Snake (Rhinocheilus lecontei)    Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism    Develop a recovery plan for the Longnose Snake (Rhinocheilus lecontei).       20,400.00 
Mike Michaelis

  Kansas Manufacturing WORKS Project  
Kansas Department of Commerce
  The project goal is focused on the coordination of industry needs and education/training resources to facilitate workforce development in manufacturing.     900,000.00 
Jean Gleichsner


  Insect Identification & Control Booth and Water Quality Awareness Booth    Kansas Farm Bureau - Foundation for Agriculture   Students will man a booth at the Home and Garden Show to educate the public about helpful and harmful insects.     300.00 
Brittany Howell


  Beef- It's What's For Dinner    Kansas Farm Bureau   Will provide education to other students, faculty and staff about beef production.      300.00 
Duane Shepherd


  FHSU Shooting Club    NRA Foundation    FHSU Shooting Club Supplies.   6,200.00
Gordon S. Carlson


  Conceptual Logistics in Communication Research Workshop    National Communication Association    A mini-workshop to serve as a way of developing an online workshop of conceptual tools in communication.    1,878.60
Gene Rice

  Mini-Grant Proposal for the Kansas Humanities Council in support of "Harvests to the Hungry"     Kansas Humanities Council   The "Harvests to the Hungry" initiative is a larger, semester-long project sponsored by the FHSU Center for Civic Leadership.         1,450.00
Leo Herrman


  DSM 5 Training for St. Francis Community Services    St. Francis Community Services    Training for mental health clinicians regarding the proposed changes of the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.     430.00 
Paul Adams


  Robotics for Rural Middle School Teachers   
KS NASA Space Grant 
  Introductory training on LEGO robots for use in the middle school classroom.   7,575.00 
Paul Phillips

  Alliance Network Grant Agreement -SUB S13110   Subgrant from National Geographic-KSU   Oversee outreach for KGA.      10,500.00 
Yass Kobayashi


  Updating equipment on K-INBRE sponsored research activity    Kansas Idea Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE)    The proposal is designed to improve/replace existing equipment in order to increase productivity of K-INBRE sponsored research projects.   40,000.00
Jordana LaFantasie


  Stewardship of Public Lands Highlight Fieldtrip for the Rangelands Conservation Planning Course at FHSU    SARE   Sponsor an educational class Field Trip.    600.00 
Keyu Jiang


  Retention Program for Partnership with IRMC    Department of Defense    Scholarships for transfer students from the College of National Defense University.    399,091.38 
Jolene Niernberger


  Foster Grandparent Program   Corporation for National & Community Service   Service opportunity for low income seniors to assist children .   186,951.00
Jolene Niernberger

  Senior Companions   Corporation for National & Community Service   Service opportunity for low income seniors to assist other seniors.   479,411.00 
Kenneth Neuhauser

  Laser Ablation Spectroscopy for Real Time QC Monitoring of Highway Aggregate Materials    Kansas Department of Transportation

  Subcontract from KDOT.    801,018.00
William Stark


  White Perch in Cheney and El Dorado Reservoirs    Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism    Identify White Perch in Cheney and El Dorado Reservoirs.   125,276.00 
James Hohman

  Kansas Pre-Dental Consortium    Delta Dental of Kansas   Sponsor a gathering of the state's Pre-Dental Clubs to learn and network.   3,571.20
Elmer J. Fink


  Nature Conservancy Internship   Nature Conservancy   Funding for an Internship with the Nature Conservancy.   5,235.00 
Jean Gleichsner

  SWIPE Out Hunger and Times Talk Presentation    Kansas Farm Bureau   Students in ARGI 620 will report on hunger issues at various campus events.   300.00 
Jordana LaFantasie


  Cheyenne Bottoms Grazing    Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism   Monitor Grazing patterns in Cheyenne Bottoms.   4,909.00 
Dennis King

  Kansas Youth Suicide
Prevention Conference
  Headquarters Counseling Center   Funding for travel and accommodations at the conference.   6,750.00
Paul Adams

  WSU EPSCoR Agreement   Wichita State University   Agreement between WSU and FHSU for Research funding.     8,000.00
Greg Farley


  Raptor Use of Prairie Dog Towns   Audubon of Kansas   Monitor and evaluate raptor use of prairie dog towns.   6,734.40
Elmer J. Fink


  Evaluation of Distance Sampling   Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism   Will evaluate the use of distance sampling as a technique for monitoring Pronghorn Antelopes   13,900.00