Information Needed for Grant Budgets

(FY 16)


Payroll Costs

Student Labor  
8.25 / hour
.01159 fringe
.08919 summer fringe if not enrolled
Graduate Assistant
.01159 fringe
.18419 Fringe - Unclassified Personnel
.20829 Fringe- USS Personnel
Health Insurance  
Part Time Single  Semi Monthly $208.14
Annual $5,411.64
Part Time Family  Semi Monthly $303.87
Annual $7,900.62
Full Time Single  Semi Monthly $261.40
Annual $6,796.64
Full Time Family  Semi Monthly $382.39
Annual $9,942.14

Indirect Rates - Facilities and Administrative Costs

These costs cannot be identified readily and specifically. "Facilities" includes costs of using buildings and equipment, including operation and maintenance. "Administration" includes general administration and expenses. These costs are sometimes referred to "overhead" or "the cost of doing business".  Indirect costs should be included within the budget.

The negotiated federal indirect cost rate for FHSU is calculated as 42% of salary + fringe.

Travel Rates:

 Current mileage and fuel rates:

 Federal Travel and Per Diem Rates

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