Obtaining Approval for External Grant Submissions at FHSU  

Proposals for external funding should not be submitted to an external funder without internal approval!!! Please note that the university submits grant applications, not individual faculty members or departments.  Only authorized institutional officials  may sign  grant proposals or contracts for external funding.  The Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects is responsible for submissions to federal agencies, and provides oversight and support for approvals and submissions.

Internal approvals for proposals for external funding (grants) must use In4grants for routing and documenting approvals. In4Grants combines several functions in a web-based service, including grant searches, proposal development, internal approvals and reporting. In4Grants provides a secure web environment suitable for collaboration. The FHSU In4Grants workspace can be accessed through the internet by computer, tablet or smartphone. Staff may set up a project workspace in In4Grants for their grant or contract proposal, or they may request assistance from the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects. Contact Leslie Paige 785.628.4349 lpaige@fhsu.edu with questions.



Click on the  links below for more information:

A grant opportunity has been "shared" with me...what do I do?? Read this. 

Graphic Overview of the Process 






Powerpoint Tutorials:

Home – See all activity related to your opportunities and projects. Can see all grant sharing activity and bookmarks.

Act (Opportunities) – Create a project workspace and share opportunities

Act (Project) – Add team members to your project, upload documents and provide feedback

Track (Opportunity) – All activity for that opportunity is listed (sharing, workspaces, comments).

Track (Project) – All activity for a project is listed (team members, document library, emails, comments, approvals

Report- View the status of all projects you are a member of. Can filter information is several ways, and can generate customized Excel reports.

Find – Find funding sources

Approver- Mini Tutorial for administrators responsible for approving grant proposals



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