What do FHSU students have to say about participation in undergraduate research?

 Of the 576 students who responded to a survey of their perceptions of undergraduate research at FHSU:

 80.1% rated their overall satisfaction with undergraduate research as either satisfied or very satisfied

They also reported a fair or large amount of increase in their…..

  • Ability to work independently (83.9%)
  • Awareness of the variety of fields they could specialize in (64.9%)
  • Confidence in research skills (80.7 %)
  • Confidence in their ability to succeed in graduate school (77.9%)
  • Qualifications for jobs in related fields (78.9%)

 The respondents also indicated that research enhances critical thinking skills (94.9 %) and problem solving skills (93.2%)

95.1 % agreed or strongly agreed that research allowed for practical application of concepts learned inside and outside of the classroom

Student perceptions of undergraduate research at Fort Hays State University, by Dr. Germaine Taggart, Amanda Brown, and Dustin Engel


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