Undergraduate Research Experience Awards

The FHSU Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program is designed to promote; undergraduate research. The URE Grant funds are intended to support best practices in undergraduate research and to encourage faculty to work with undergraduate students on research projects that ultimately result in public dissemination through publication or presentation.

URE grant funding is intended to support and improve undergraduate research activities. Scholarly activities at FHSU are defined as original, innovative intellectual contributions in the form of research, practice, creative activity, or performance.

Awarded proposals include clear descriptions of project goals and major activities, mentoring strategies, anticipated outcomes, anticipated benefits for the student researcher(s) and relevance to the Undergraduate Research Experience Initiative. Criteria for awards included:

  • Relevance to the Undergraduate Research Experience Initiative
  • Strategies enhancing high quality inquiry-based learning experiences
  • Potential for encouraging the processes of discovery and scholarship in students

Congratulations Fall 2013 Awardees!

Lead Investigator
Co-Investigators Department (s) Study Title
Betsy Crawford-Leeds     
Leo Herman     
Advanced Education and Psychology
Data Coding of Characteristics of Violent Sexual Predators
Jordana LaFantasie
Bob Nicholson, Helena Harmison, and Chandra Devine
Biological Sciences and Agriculture
Plant Community Dynamics in a Seventy-year-old Reseeded Grassland
Brian Maricle
  Biological Sciences
Mechanisms of Drought Tolerance in Ecotypes of Big Bluestem
Anthony Gabel
Justin Evans
Management & Marketing
Assessing the Contours of Legal Entrepreneurship in the Chinese Marketplace:  Strategic Implications for Foreign Firms
Trey Hill
April Park
Psychology Development of the DSEL Research Group
Brent J. Goertzen
Justin Greenleaf
Leadership Studies Assessing the Community Impact on Service Learning
Chad L. Magee
  Chemistry Upcycling Plastic Wastes into Mixed-metal Endohedral Carbon Nanotubes
Jack Maseberg Earl Watkins, Aidan Winblad, and Aaron Brown Physics Investigating Electron Energy Levels and Resonance Phenomena in Biomolecules via Electron Scattering
Paul Adams   Science and Mathematics Development of a High Altitude Balloon Light Weight Power Bys, Tacking, and Data Collection System
Carol Patrick Gina Smith Psychology From the Military to College:  Stress, Coping, and Transition
Gordon Carlson   Communication Studies Visualizing Concepts in Communication Research


 Congratulations Fall 2012 Awardees!

Lead Investigator   Co investigator(s) Department Study Title
Dr. Paul Adams Dr. Sam Zwenger (Biological Sciences), Dr. Jack Maseberg (Physics), & Dr. John Heinrichs (Geosciences) Teacher Education Development of a bacteria and dust collection system for use at 100,000 feet
Dr. Brian R. Maricle   Biological Sciences Effect of ethanol toxicity on enzymes of respiration and carbon metabolism in plants  
Dr. Jordana LaFantasie Dr. Bob Nicholson, Dr. Keith Harmoney, Samantha Elledge, Spencer Casey, Andrew Pettibone, & Adam Rusk Biological Sciences Range expansion and seed rain of yellow bluestem in native mixed grass prairie  
Dr. William J. Stark Jordan Hofmeier Biological Sciences Antimicrobial Resistance of Channel Catfish Intestinal Microflora in the Arkansas and Ninnescah Rivers in Kansas  
Dr. C.S. Eigenmann Sidney Flock, Tiffanee Heinzen, Erin Weathers Communication Studies Electronic Usage in Developing Countries: India  
Tamara J. Lynn   Justice Studies Tea Party Versus Occupy Wall Street: A Quest to Control Public Policy  
Dr. Lorie Cook- Benjamin Diane Plunkett Teacher Education Creating a Culture of Undergraduate Scholarship: Department Insights  
Dr. Janett Naylor Dr. Carol Patrick, Carla Sloan-Brown Psychology Equine Therapy Project  
Dr. Jack Maseberg Aaron Brown, Justin Gnad, and Jaron Hake Physics Investigating electron energy levels and resonance phenomena in biomolecules via electron scattering  
Dr. Eric Deyo Austin Miller Physics NMR in Nanotechnology  
Dr. Sam R Zwenger Dr. Eric T. Gillock Biological Sciences Antimicrobial Properties of Leaf Extracts from Native Prairie Plants

Fall 2011 Awardees

Lead Investigator Co investigator(s) Department Study Title
Dr. Lorie Cook-Benjamin Dr. Beth Walizer, Kim Stoppel Teacher Education A comparison of the incidence rate of males vs. females in MTSS tier placement for reading and mathematics in central and western Kansas  
Dr. Eric Deyo Linnea Gustaffson Physics Implementing Nanotori in Cancer Treatment
Dr. Quingjiang (Q.J.) Yao Dr. Scott Robson Communication Studies What should communication students learn in the digital era: an analysis of the digital communication curriculum for undergraduate in ACEJMC accredited schools and departments
Dr. Scott Robson Dr. Quingjiang (Q.J.) Yao Communication Studies Journalists' Irene or the readers' Irene: An examination of the interaction between journalists and readers on the New York Times' coverage of Hurricane Irene
Dr. Brian R Maricle   Biological Sciences Physiological and ecological effects of oil spills on coastal marsh plains
Dr. Jack Maseberg   Physics Investigating electron energy levels and resonance phenomena in biomolecules via electron scattering
Dr. Greg Kandt Mason Rohleder Health and Human Performance Measures of turning function during a modified incremental shuttle walk test
Dr. Stephen Donnelly   Chemistry Production of bio-diesel from waste cooking oil
Patricia Blanton   Leadership Studies Report on the effectiveness and impact of service learning projects on Chinese students and their partner organizations in China
Dr. John Heinrichs   Geosciences FHSU one mile rocketry challenge
Dr. Jordana LaFantasie Andrew Pettibone, Spencer Casey Biological Sciences Range expansion of two invasive grasses over an eight year period
Dr. April Park Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Dr. John Raacke Psychology, Justice Studies Consumers' judgment regarding the use of online resources
Dr. Yass Kobayashi   Biological Sciences Cloning and characterization of kisseptin and aromatase mRNA expression in walleye
Dr. Paul Adams Dr. John Heinrichs Teacher Education Upper atmosphere studies using balloon satellite systems

Congratulations Fall 2010 Awardees!

Faculty   Department   Project Title  
Dr. Carol Patrick
Dr. Janett Naylor
Psychology Female Aggression of Forensic In-patients
Dr. Brian R. Maricle Biological Sciences Effects of oil spills and nitrogen pollutants on coastal and wetland plants
Amy Schmierbach Art and Design Water based ink for printing
Dr. Richard Packauskas
Dr. Jordana LaFantasie
Biological Sciences Does invasion by non-native Old World Bluestems reduce habitat for soil microfaunal groups?
Dr. Jordana LaFantasie Biological Sciences Mycorrhization rates of two grasses following alterations in moisture inputs in southern mixed grass prairie
Dr. Yu Kay Law Chemistry Studying UV damage to DNA Using Computational chemistry
Dr. Jenn Bonds Raacke
Dr. John Raacke
Psychology Establishing the TRIADS lab at FHSU
Dr. Germaine L. Taggart
Dr. Beth Walizer
Dr. Lorie Cook-Benjamin
Teacher Education Undergraduate research to support program improvement
Dr. Lexey Bartlett English Corrective vision in Victorian women's writing: A book proposal and conference presentation project
Dr. John Heinrichs Geoscience Team-based development of mini-UAV technology and applications
Dr. Greg Kandt No grant funding requested Health and Human Performance