Kansas Undergraduate Research Day Poster Day 2014

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The Council of Chief Research Officers (COCRO) of the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR)   organizes the Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol event to share students' research experiences with state lawmakers in Topeka.  This years' event is confirmed for Wednesday, February 11, 2015. 

This event will showcase the work of up to 40 Kansas undergraduate students representing each of the state's eight public 4-year institutions.  The purpose of this event is to demonstrate the unique opportunities undergraduate students have to participate with faculty members in research at all state institutions. This event will also emphasize higher education's role in developing educated citizens and preparing a workforce with the necessary skills to further the economic growth of the state.

Undergraduate students who have been significantly involved in the research enterprise of the university either with their own project or through meaningful involvement with a faculty project  are eligible to apply, and must meet the following requirements.

  • be an undergraduate student during the 2014-2015 academic year;
  • have completed research under the guidance of a Kansas 4-year public institution faculty mentor;
  • follow the methodology of the appropriate academic discipline;
  • be of sufficient quality to be presented at a professional academic meeting;
  • have the skills, resources, and capacity to produce a professional academic poster;
  • agree to undergo presentation training and rehearse their presentations prior to the Capitol event.

Go here to apply. 

 The general public is invited to attend.

Please contact URE@fhsu.edu for more information.  This event will not be an adjudicated poster competition with prizes.  All participants will be recognized equally for the honor of participating in this event.      


Congratulations to the students selected for the 2014 Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol, which was held on Wednesday, February 12, 2014!

Keri L. Caudle, senior majoring in biology; Hays; “Effects of extreme drought on photosynthesis and water potential of Andropogon gerardii (big bluestem) ecotypes in common gardens across Kansas” investigated how drought affects prairie grasses; research mentor: Dr. Brian Maricle, Department of Biological Sciences.

Michael Cory, KAMS sophomore; Wichita; “The Effects of Copper Exposure on Mammal Cells,” examined the way copper leads to cell death; research mentor Dr. Thomas J. Wiese, Department of Chemistry.

Kayce Feldkamp, KAMS freshman; Seneca: “Effect of Nine Volt Direct Current Charge Applied to Radishes and their Growth” investigated the effect of electricity on radishes; research mentor: Dr. Paul Adams, Departments of Physics and Teacher Education.

Seth Gooding, senior majoring in chemistry; Hays; “Implications of Local Cultural Variations for the Strategic Use of Legal Flexibilities in China” interviewed international managers and lawyers in China; research mentor: research mentors Dr. Justin Evans and Dr. Tony Gable, College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Jessica Havice, senior majoring in communication disorders; Abilene; “Sound Intensity Measurements of a University Marching Band during Rehearsals” found that prolonged exposure to the sound levels generated by the marching band  may cause hearing loss; research mentor: Dr. Fred Britten, Department of Communication Disorders.

Xining Li, KAMS freshman; China; "Terminal Velocity of Meteorite" used a wind tunnel experiment to determine that the shape of a meteorite impacts its terminal velocity; research mentor:  Dr. Paul Adams, Department of Physics and Teacher Education.

 Xiaoying Lin, KAMS freshman; China; “The Impact of Population Density on the Intensity of Urban Heat Island Effect in Manhattan, New York and Saratoga Springs, New York from 1960 to 2012” explored the relationship between population density and historical temperature data; research mentors; Dr. Paul Adams, Departments of Physics and Teacher Education and Dr. John Heinrichs, Department of Geosciences.

Leah Piper, senior majoring in communication studies; St. Marys; “A Closer Look at the Costa Concordia” analyzed the types of image restoration strategies used following the cruise ship disaster; research mentor: Dr. Leslie Reynard, Washburn.

MaRyka Smith, KAMS freshman; Hoyt; “The Relationship of the California Horse Population and Grassland in the Sierra Nevada Eco Region” investigated the relationship between wild horses and grassland environment; research mentor; Dr. Paul Adams, Departments of Physics and Teacher Education and Dr. John Heinrichs, Department of Geosciences.

Adam Wilbur, senior majoring in graphic design; Wichita; “The Role of the Entrepreneurial Lawyer in Small Firms in China” analyzed the legal environment in China for small firms; research mentors Dr. Justin Evans and Dr. Tony Gable, College of Business and Entrepreneurship.





    Watch the 2013 video!  

 Ten Fort Hays State University students attended Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol in the rotunda of the Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka on Wednesday, April 3, 2013.  

 Jeff Carter, Biological Sciences—Carter presented his research project “Changes in the migration timing of twelve passerine species over a 45-year interval in the High Plains.” 

 Faculty mentor—Dr. Greg Farley 


 Keri Caudle, Biological Sciences--Caudle presented her research project "Effects of flooding on photosynthesis and root oxygen stress in plants of different flooding tolerance” 

 Faculty mentor--Dr. Brian R. Maricle


 Brad Leupold, Biological Sciences/KAMS—Leupold presented his research project “Effects of high-energy Beta radiation in the upper atmosphere on antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli.” 

  Faculty mentor—Dr. Sam R. Zwenger 


 Katharine Goebel, Geosciences/KAMS—Goebel presented her research project “The correlation between climatic factors and malaria rates in Ghana.”  

 Faculty mentor—Dr. John Heinrichs 


 Laura Rook, Geosciences/KAMS—Rook presented her research project “The annual increase of carbon dioxide in relation to the frequency of major hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean (1992 – 2009).” 

 Faculty mentor—Dr. Paul Adams 


 Ryan White , Geosciences—White presented a group research project “Sea ice dynamics in Northern Baffin analyzed using ICESat and MODIS.” 

 Faculty mentor—Dr. John Heinrichs 


 Laura Rokey, Health and Human Performance and Communication Disorders/KAMS—Rokey presented her research project “Warning: Exercise may be hazardous to your health.” 

 Faculty mentors—Dr. Jeff Burnett and Dr. Fred Britten 


 Melanie Mabrey,  Psychology—Mabrey presented a group research project “Examining the connection between Facebook wall posts and romantic relationships.” 

 Faculty mentor—Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke 


 Hayley Disney and Quentin Aker, Biological Sciences/KAMS—Disney and Aker presented their research project “Effects of drought on Kansas turf grass.”  

 Faculty mentor—Dr. Brian R. Maricle 


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