URE Mission Statement, Administration and Governance

The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) creates research partnerships between student and faculty researchers and scholars from all across campus. The mission of the FHSU Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) is to engage students with faculty and staff mentors in meaningful scholarly activities in alignment with the university's definition of scholarship.

In the 2010-2011 academic year, administrative responsibility for the university's undergraduate research experience was assigned to the Graduate School. Leslie Paige, Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects (OSSP) coordinator, is the primary point of contact for faculty and students. The URE steering committee assists the Graduate School in implementation efforts across all disciplines and units of the university.

The FHSU Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program provides resources and assistance to faculty and students interested in undergraduate research and facilitates the collection and dissemination of undergraduate research for the university.

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