Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Crime Reporting

Incidents affecting personal safety and property, and property of the State of Kansas must be reported to the University Police Department on a timely basis. If you are the victim or a witness to a crime or circumstances which you believe may constitute a crime, call 911 to reach police assistance, emergency medical treatment and fire response. For non-emergencies, the University Police Department may be contacted at 628-5304 during normal operating hours, which are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. After hours, or on weekends or holidays, contact the Hays Police Department Dispatch Center, which provides dispatch services for the University Police Department, at 625-1011. Additionally, seven kiosk phones connected to dispatch are located throughout campus.

Pursuant to statutory requirements, crimes reported to the University Police Department are submitted to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Central Repository for the State of Kansas. UPD electronically submits the required data using the Kansas Incident Based Reporting System. Data collected within those submissions does not represent all criminal incidents committed at Fort Hays State University, as it is dependent on victims reporting crimes to the University Police Department. The collection of this data is designed to support the “Crime in the U.S. Report” published annually by the FBI. Additionally, data collected by UPD and the city police department is used by the University to prepare the annual Fort Hays State University Security Report to comply with the Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crimes Statistics Act. 

The Fort Hays State University Police Department makes no provision for including confidential reports of crime in this Annual Security Report. The University Police Department depends on these reports to allocate its resources and maximize crime prevention efforts to provide a safe environment.

Adopted by President’s Cabinet (06/17/09)

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