Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Possession, Use and Storage of Firearms and Weapons on Campus


Policy of the Kansas Board of Regents requires the campus of each state university to be weapons-free except as necessary for the conduct of Board approved academic programs or university approved activities or practices. The policy defines "weapons" as follows:

  1. Any object or device which will, is designed to, or may be readily converted to expel bullet, shot or shell by the action of an explosive or other propellant;
  2. Any handgun, pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun or other firearm of any nature, including concealed weapons licensed pursuant to the Personal and Family Protection Act, and amendments thereto;
  3. Any BB gun, pellet gun, air/C 02 gun, stun gun or blow gun;
  4. Any explosive, incendiary or poison gas (A) bomb, (B) mine, (C) grenade, (D) rocket having a propellant charge or more than four ounces, or (E) missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than 1/4 ounce;
  5. Any incendiary or explosive material, liquid, solid or mixture equipped with a fuse, wick or other detonating device;
  6. Any tear gas bomb or smoke bomb; however, personal self-defense items containing mace or pepper spray shall not be deemed to be a weapon for the purposes of this policy;
  7. Any knife, commonly referred to as a switch-blade, which has a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife, or any knife having a blade that opens or falls or is ejected into position by the force of gravity or by an outward, downward or centrifugal thrust or movement;
  8. Any straight-blade knife of four inches or more such as a dagger, dirk, dangerous knife or stiletto; except that an ordinary pocket knife or culinary knife designed for and used solely in the preparation or service of food shall not be construed to be a weapon for the purposes of this policy;
  9. Any martial arts weapon such as nunchucks or throwing stars; or
  10. Any longbow, crossbow and arrows or other projectile that could cause serious harm to any person.


The Board's policy also requires each university to provide notice of the policy to the University community and to develop procedures for the safe possession, use and storage of weapons. The following is to be considered such notice and constitutes Fort Hays State University's Policy and Procedures for the Safe Possession and Storage of Firearms and Weapons on Campus.

General Policy

No weapons as defined by Board policy shall be allowed on University property unless authorized pursuant to this policy. Fort Hays State University will also comply with and enforce the Personal and Family Protection Act, K.S.A. 75-7c01 et. seq. and amendments thereto. Pursuant to this act, Fort Hays State University prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons into and upon any university facility.


Shooting Sports

Fort Hays State University's Shooting Sports Club is an officially recognized Student Organization at FHSU. As the firing of firearms is an integral part of the activities of the club, the possession, use and storage of firearms on the campus of Fort Hays State University pursuant to the authorized activities of the club is hereby approved. However, firearms will not be fired on campus pursuant to any activity of the club unless specifically authorized by the President of the University. Gross Memorial Coliseum is hereby designated as the place of storage for such weapons and they shall not be stored at any other location unless approved by the President of the University. The building supervisor of Gross Memorial Coliseum shall designate a secured location for the storage of such firearms. 

No other use or possession of weapons or firearms shall be allowed pursuant to this exception unless such use will be in connection with official events and activities of any officially recognized student organization, intramural activity or NCAA intercollegiate athletic event, the use of such weapons and firearms is necessary to the activities of the event, and such use is approved in advance by the President of the University.

Storage in Residence Hall

Rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sport shooting may be stored in a secured location in a designated residence hall upon approval of the Hall Director. Permission of the Director shall be sought prior to bringing the firearm into the building, and it shall be kept in storage unless and until permission from the Hall Director is sought and received to remove the firearm from storage. All firearms stored on campus will be unloaded. Once removed from storage, the firearm must be immediately taken off campus. The Hall Director or designee will supervise the removal of the firearm from storage.

Use of Weapons in Teaching

Should an authorization be sought for the purpose of bringing firearms or other weapons onto University property for use in teaching, permission should be sought from the Chair of the Department, who will inform the Dean and the Chief of the University Police Department of the request. The Chief of the University Police Department shall approve or deny the request. Except as may be expressly authorized by the Chief of the University Police Department, no firearm brought onto campus for use in teaching shall be loaded and all such weapons or firearms shall only be on campus for the time required to utilize the weapon in teaching, after which time it shall be immediately removed from campus.

Adopted by President’s Cabinet 10/11/2006
Revised by President's Cabinet 07/09/2008

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