Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Internet Access Policy

All Fort Hays State University faculty, staff, and enrolled students (in one or more hours) may have access to the Internet system as long as they remain an employee or student of the University.

All public and private schools, hospitals, city and county governments, and other not-for-profit organizations in our service area may access Internet through the University.

All individuals and for-profit organizations not included above shall not have access to Internet through the University but may request that the University consult with them on accessing the Internet. One such access method is an annual subscription with Information Network of Kansas at a reasonable fee and toll-free access.

Faculty, staff, and students utilizing this system will be periodically removed from the system as their enrollment or employment terminates. For purpose of this system Technology Services will cancel all students active on the system one week after the submission of grades for any given semester. Staff and faculty will be removed from the system by utilizing the payroll records system which indicates active employees of the University. This will be done twice a year, the first week in January and the first week in July.

It should be recognized that access to Internet and other University computer and electronic systems is a privilege provided by the University. Any abuse or misuse of this system will result in termination of access. In addition, other disciplinary action may be instituted depending upon the nature of the actions necessitating removal from the system.

Approved by Cabinet (03-02-94).

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