Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Service Approach to Addressing Campus Needs Policy

The following policy has been developed to address the growing concern over the University's ability to provide access to services by students, faculty, and the local community.

The provision of services by University offices should follow a campus orientation which emphasizes "service." This approach calls for limited use of "user fees" or "charge back" systems for the funding of services.

In addition, it requires that the University and its departments function under the following three tenets:

1. That resources are provided to address growth in demand for increased service;

2. Appropriate controls are instituted to curb abuses by students, faculty, and non-University personnel; and

3. That periodic review of service levels, costs, and resources allocated be conducted every three years to ensure a service unit's ability to keep up with demand.

Approved by Cabinet (03-02-94).

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