Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Skateboards, Skates, and Bicycles, Use of

Skateboards, skates of all types, bicycles and other forms of related transportation may be used on campus sidewalks for transportation purposes only. Users may not ride or use these forms of transportation on stairways, patios, dock areas, benches, picnic tables, railings, and any and all other irregular surfaces or in places that may be marked as off limits to skateboards, skates and/or bicycles. Skateboards, skates and bicycles shall not be used in any campus building.

Users of these forms of transportation are expected to use them in a safe, responsible manner. Campus pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Excessive speed, stunt riding, racing, or any and all other uses of skates, skateboards and bicycles that may cause property damage, endanger the user or others is prohibited.

Bicycles may not be parked or stored within campus administrative or academic buildings. Motorized transportation, with the exception of wheelchairs and authorized university vehicles, are not permitted on sidewalks or inside campus academic or administrative buildings.

All violations should be reported to the University Police department. Violators may be subject to ticketing, disciplinary proceedings or other appropriate action, depending on the violator’s status as University or non-University related person. Non-University related persons who violate this policy will be required to leave the campus and may be subject to restrictions to subsequent campus access.

Adopted by Cabinet (10-4-00).

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