Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

User Fee Policy

Prior approval of all "user fees" must be obtained before any administrative or academic unit can institute a fee for services provided to students, faculty, and non-University personnel. Requests must be approved by both the appropriate unit dean or director and the president's senior administrative group (ISM).

Approved by Cabinet (03-02-94).

No user fees shall be assessed to students, faculty, staff, or non-university personnel without prior approval of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.  Examples of such fees include those associated with course materials, laboratory materials, workshop materials, equipment usage, space rental, or other departmental cost recovery efforts.  User fee proposals must be based on a cost recovery philosophy. User fees associated with on-campus course activity must be limited to situations in which additional materials are provided to students.  User fee proposals associated with virtual college course or workshop activities may be based on costs associated with material provision, equipment usage and non-state funded instructional costs.  Upon appropriate approval notification, all such fees collected will be deposited in a designated departmental sales and service account through the University Business Office.

Updated (04-2000)

Policy on Course Offerings

All workshops/courses that meet for 15 contact hours or more must be credit hour producing.  A standard of one credit hour per 15 hours of contact time shall be applied. Appropriate admission fees and published University tuition and fees shall be assessed.

Updated (04-2000)

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