Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 2 -- Academic Affairs

Study Abroad, Faculty-Led

I. Scope

This policy applies to any faculty member who desires to offer a course (credit or non-credit) of any duration to students that involves international travel. This policy does not apply to university cross-border international teaching programs (i.e. teaching facilitated by distance education technology or communication between on-site instructional assistants and a content expert located in the United States).

II. Policy Statement

Faculty-led study abroad courses are encouraged as a means to internationalize university curricula and to offer opportunities for students to experience life and learning in a country outside of the United States. Fort Hays State University desires to ensure the safest and highest quality learning experiences for its students and community members that may participate in such experiences.

A faculty member who desires to offer a course to students at a location outside of the United States that requires international travel to reach the destination(s) must propose the course for approval by the university.

Faculty members considering proposing faculty-led study abroad courses must first satisfactorily complete an online quality assurance training module administered by the Assistant Provost for Internationalization. Upon completion of this training, proposals for faculty-led study abroad experiences must be reviewed and approved by the department chair, academic dean, Assistant Provost for Internationalization, Internationalization Team, and general counsel for the university at least one (1) month prior to being organized and advertised to prospective students.

Proposals must be reviewed and approved for academic merit with special attention paid to course syllabi, proposed amount of academic credit, and proposed learning outcomes. Proposals will be reviewed not only by university administrators, but faculty members experienced with faculty-led study abroad experiences serving on the university's Internationalization Team.

In addition to this academic proposal, instructors will be required to complete the university's existing procedure for communicating risk management and financial aid information.

Potential penalties for failing to comply with this policy may include, but not be limited to:

1. Administrative removal of the course from the schedule of classes

2. Faculty member financial responsibility for refunding costs associated with the proposed program to appropriate parties

3. Restriction for offering future faculty-led study abroad courses for the university

III. Responsibilities

Policy Administrators: Assistant Provost for Internationalization (academic) & University general counsel (risk management)

Responsible Parties: The Assistant Provost for Internationalization shall design the quality assurance course for faculty-led study abroad experiences, shall provide assistance and guidance to faculty members, and shall design and implement a procedure for approvals. A timeline for review and approval will be established.

IV. Compliance

The Assistant Provost for Internationalization shall monitor compliance for this policy.


V. Effective Date and Approval

This policy is effective immediately.

Approved by Provost's Council: (05-04-10).

Approved by President's Cabinet: (10-06-10).

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