Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Unclassified Professional Staff Furloughs or Pay Reductions


It may become necessary to implement an employee furlough or pay reduction in order to respond to diminished state funding or other financial difficulties. Kansas statutes and regulations governing classified employees contain required procedures for furloughs of classified employees, and furloughs and pay reductions of unclassified teaching staff are subject to negotiations with FHSU-AAUP. Therefore, it is the purpose of this policy to only establish the authority and procedure for furloughs and pay reductions of unclassified professional (administrative/non-teaching) staff.


It is the policy of Fort Hays State University to implement an employee furlough or pay reduction only when necessary, and in a manner which ensures maintenance of university operations to the extent possible while also responding to a financial difficulty. Furloughs or pay reductions will be implemented in a manner that is fair to all affected employees and is sensitive to the mission and needs of the University. While the University maintains the discretion to determine whether budget shortfalls will be addressed with furloughs or pay reductions, furloughs will be the preferred method.


A furlough is the placement of an employee in a temporary leave without pay status for a specified number of hours within a specified time frame. If at all possible a furlough will affect all unclassified professional staff members to the same extent. The furlough will also occur to the extent possible during the same fiscal year. The furlough may be implemented by reducing hours for every week of work, or by reducing the number of days worked in a specified week, month or year. With this policy, notification is hereby given that no overtime is authorized or will be paid for hours worked in excess of designated work hours during the period in which the furlough occurs. By way of example and without limiting the application or affect of this statement, if a furlough results in all employees working 32 rather than 40 hours during each week between the end of the spring and the beginning of the fall semesters, no employee is authorized to work more than 32 hours during such time period.

Pay Reductions

A pay reduction may be implemented to also respond to financial difficulties, but where circumstances would not allow for a furlough. For example, a mandated budget reduction may be so severe as to require several days of employee furloughs, but such a furlough would drastically impact the services provided to students or other members of the University community. Therefore, a pay reduction, rather than a furlough, would be the better option under this circumstance. The University will limit any pay reduction to the least possible amount, and will attempt to restore the original salary as soon as possible. The relative percentage of the reduction will normally be the same among all employees covered by this policy.

Notice to Affected Employees

The decision to implement an employee furlough or pay reduction will be made by the President after consultation with the President’s Cabinet. An announcement will be made as soon as possible after the decision is made to implement a furlough or pay reduction, and written notification will be provided to each affected employee. Affected employees will be given as much advance notice as possible but not less than 30 calendar days prior to implementation of the furlough or pay reduction.

The furlough announcement will include details of the furlough plan, including but not limited to positions affected, the beginning and ending date of the furlough, the number of hours/days reduced, and whether the employee has a choice of when or how to implement the furlough. 

The pay reduction announcement will identify the amount of the pay reduction, and the time period over which the reduction will occur. 

Affect on Benefits

An employee’s social security and retirement contributions will be affected under a furlough or pay reduction, but all other benefits, including the accrual of vacation and sick leave, shall continue. Neither a furlough nor a pay reduction shall affect the employee’s continuous service, length of service, eligibility to participate in the Board of Regent’s Tuition Assistance Plan, pay increase anniversary date, or eligibility for authorized holiday leave or pay.

Adopted by President’s Cabinet (05/06/09).

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