Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Unclassified Position Control Policy

1. Position control will exist on all unclassified positions at Fort Hays State University. At the beginning of the fiscal year, each budgeted position with an FTE will be allocated funds that will remain unchanged, except in unusual circumstances to be approved by the Vice President/Provost and President.

2. Temporary savings generated from unoccupied positions will be used in one of two ways: 1) on a temporary basis to meet departmental/program needs (including reassignments) created by the vacancy; 2) to meet the University’s shrinkage obligation to the State. Unit heads submit contract request forms through proper channels to request temporary utilization.

3. Merit salary increase funds will be allocated to the vice presidents and provost by computing percentages for all permanently filled positions, not vacant positions.

4. Unit heads can request unclassified salary resources to upgrade vacant positions through the University Strategic Planning process. Requests for unclassified salary resources for other reasons or that do not fit within the timelines required by the normal Strategic Planning process can be submitted to the provost/vice president by May 1 of each year. These proposals become effective the following fiscal year and require the president’s approval.

5. All affected parties cannot propose reallocation for positions that are shared by two or more Vice Presidents without agreement.

6. The Vice President for Administration and Finance will provide the President with an estimate of uncommitted unclassified resources that are available to fund strategic needs by May 15 of each year. Among the sources of these funds are: 1) savings from merit increases not allocated to vacant positions; 2) savings from filling vacant positions at a salary level that is less than the amount budgeted in the line; and 3) extra State appropriations. Potential uses for these funds are: 1) promotions and degree completions; 2) equity issues as identified by appropriate parties; 3) annual “new hire” funds to be distributed to the Provost; 4) other University level strategic needs including those described in number 4 above; and 5) distribution to Unclassified positions using the University equity adjustment formula.

Revised (09-08-99).

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