Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Hiring of Under-Represented Faculty Policy

The need to be competitive when hiring women and faculty from under-represented groups requires that we be able to meet market salary demands. Our ability to negotiate salary with these individuals is difficult given our identification of salary line limits, which in many cases is not sufficient to attract well-qualified faculty from under-represented groups.

Therefore, Fort Hays State University will institute the following procedure:

1. When negotiating salary with a candidate from an identified under-represented group, the college dean will inform the provost of the salary requirement and the ability of the dean to meet salary requirements.

2. If the salary line does not contain enough dollars to meet the salary desired by the candidate, the dean can be authorized by the provost to meet the salary requirement.

3. Funds to meet these additional salary requirements will be allocated prior to distribution of any merit salary dollars.

Approved by Cabinet (05-04-94).

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