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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook Chapter 6 --

Business Affairs: General Regulations, Services, and Procedures

Cell Phone Policy

• Employees must make a formal request for issuance of a University supplied cell phone by initiating a justification of need to their immediate supervisor. The justification must indicate how the phone will support the University's business, improve the employee's ability to do his/her job, and/or provide efficiency that does not currently exist. The supervisor must indicate agreement by attaching a memo supporting the request and forwarding it to the next level supervisor. Ultimately the cell phone request must be approved by the appropriate Vice President or designee.

• Once approved, the employee will receive a UNIVERSITY CELL PHONE AGREEMENT and will sign said agreement indicating acceptance of the terms of the issuance of a University Cell Phone. Upon completion of the Agreement, the employee will be issued a cell phone by the Telecommunications Department.

• Personal calls should be held to a minimum and avoided if possible. In the event personal calls are necessary the employee is responsible for all personal minutes used including roaming and long distance charges. The employee will reimburse costs related to each call either by applying a "per minute cost," if the call is within the plan minutes, or by actual charges if the call occurs in excess of the plan minutes. "Plan minutes" and "per minute cost" will be defined in the "Cell Phone Agreement." Reimbursement for personal use must be made to the University within fifteen days of receipt of the itemized billing statement and reconciliation of same.

• The employee must not operate state vehicles while using the cell phone.

• The employee is responsible for the loss of any cell phone and must pay for replacement of the cell phone unless sufficient proof can be supplied that the phone was stolen or lost outside the control of the employee. Exceptions, on a case by case basis, may be made by the President or Vice Presidents. Such exceptions are not binding and do not constitute a waiver of the University's right to insist upon full reimbursement in any given case.

• If the employee wishes to purchase a phone other than what is available by contract, the employee will be required to pay the difference in cost.

• Failure to comply with the above may result in requiring the employee to surrender his/her University Cell Phone.

• Cell phones will be provided by the University for travelers using State vehicles, for safety considerations, who do not have access to another University cell phone or a personal cell phone. Employees requesting a University Cell Phone while using a State vehicle will adhere to all rules concerning personal use of said cell phone.

· Cellular service for devices that are contracted and paid for by the University, shall include a monthly billing statement for use by the University showing for each call the date, time, length, billing charge and telephone number of the other party, when such number is available.



By signing below I understand and agree to all the conditions of issuance of a University Cell Phone.

1.  I am responsible for all personal calls. Plan minutes are set at ____ minutes per month at a rate of $_____ plus taxes per month, both of which are subject to change. This equates to a per minute cost of $_____ for all calls made within the plan minutes, which is also subject to change. I also understand I am personally responsible for all long distance and roaming charges that are applicable to all personal phone calls. I understand this phone is to be used for University business and that although personal phone calls are allowed they will be kept to a minimum.

2.  I understand and agree that I will not use the University Cell Phone in an unsafe manner while operating a motor vehicle or other equipment provided by the State. I will also apply the same required safety considerations of using a University Cell Phone while operating a State vehicle while using my personal vehicle.

3.  I understand and agree that if I lose the cell phone I am responsible for paying for its replacement unless sufficient evidence can be supplied that the phone was stolen or lost outside my control. Exceptions may be made by the President or Vice Presidents.

4.  I will choose a phone offered through the University contract or I will personally pay the difference in cost of a phone of my choosing.

5.  I will make reimbursement to the University for all personal calls within 15 days of receipt of the itemized billing statement and reconciliation of the same. Said reimbursement will include charges for personal minutes used including long distance and roaming charges and applicable taxes. Cell phone billings are subject to audits by the State as well as other entities. I also acknowledge that cell phone bills and other documents are public records.

6.  I agree to adhere to the Governor's Executive Order regarding use of State issued cell phones.

7.  I understand and agree that in the event I do not adhere to any part of this agreement or the Governor's Executive Order I may be subject to termination of access to the University cell phone and/or other disciplinary action.

Agreed to this _____ day of _______________, 20__ by:



For use by the Department of Telecommunications:

Cell phone Issued:___________________________________

Date:_______________________________ By:________________________________


Business Use of Personal Cell Phone:

In the event that an unclassified employee finds it unreasonable to limit personal use of a University supplied cell phone, potentially necessitating the need to carry both a personal and business cell phone, the following option is available:

·         Where the University (Provost or appropriate Vice-President) determines an unclassified employee, typically Director level or above, is required to be available via cellular device to the University at any time, and a University supplied cellular device is not determined to be reasonable, a maximum amount of $80.00 may be added to an employee's monthly pay by completing an Additional Pay Request Form for Use of a Personal Cellular Plan for University Business.  With the additional pay, employees must independently contract for a personal cellular phone plan and device which would then be used for both personal and business use.  The additional compensation is intended to cover the regular business use that is conducted on the individual's cellular phone. 

Additional considerations

a.    Cell phone numbers for all individuals affected by this policy must be available for University use.

b.    New contracts being issued for new employees should have a cellular phone expectation built into the starting salaries.






1.      It has been determined that the undersigned employee is required to be accessible for University business during all hours.

2.      It has also been determined that it is burdensome for the employee to carry a University supplied cell phone and reimburse for personal use , which is restricted therefore, the employee would need to carry a second personal cell phone.

3.      Therefore the University agrees to compensate the undersigned employee through additional monthly salary an amount of $80 to allow the employee to have one cell phone for both personal and business use.

4.      The employee will not request a University Cell Phone and will not expect any other reimbursement for use of the personal cell phone for business purposes, nor will the University have any further responsibility to the employee with regard to his/her phone or cell phone plan, or the costs thereof.

5.      I understand that I am required to provide my cell phone number to my supervisor and I am required to notify him/her immediately if I change my cell phone number.

6.      I also understand that any additional software required to make my phone compatible with University systems is to be purchased at my expense and is considered reimbursed as a part of the additional compensation.


Agreed to this ______ day of _________________, 20____.

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Supervisor                                                                                                               Date

Vice President/Provost                                                                                              Date

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Approved by President's Cabinet (09-01-10)  

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