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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 6 -- Business Affairs: General Regulations, Services, and Procedures


Offices and Assigned Space, Personalization and Modifications of

Members of the University community may decorate, equip and use their assigned office work space as they see fit and is appropriate to their assignment. This use is limited to use consistent with Physical Plant policy and appropriate taste.

Modifications of the physical characteristics of offices and building space have to be approved. The following modifications are not permitted without the approval of the Facilities Planning Committee: adding ceiling fans and new light fixtures, building or removing walls, or modifying any structure of the building, to include doors, door hardware and/or locks. Items (including, but not limited to tackboards or markerboards) should not be secured to the doors without specific approval.

Installation of new fixed casework shall be approved by the office of Facilities Planning to insure it meets all ADA clearance requirements and building standards.

Decorations shall be of an appropriate taste. Refrain from using sticky back hooks or sticky tack to hang wall decorations. Occupants shall submit a physical plant work request to request installation of artwork to reduce accidental damage to the walls. Doors and door frames shall not be used as display boards; tape and/or sticky tack will cause damage to the finish of the door and frame. Cost to repair damage caused by this shall be charged back to the department occupying this room.

As a general rule, it is the historical policy of Facilities Planning not to use plastic laminates which resemble marble, granite, wood grain, leaves, leather, etc. These designs are not neutral in appearance and quickly become dated. For this reason, the Physical Plant provides a limited number of laminates that may be selected from for countertops. Additional guidelines have been established on painting, installing wall covering, window treatments, coat hooks and floor covering. When the University purchases these items as part of a remodel, they must meet flammability and other life safety specifications. Residential quality wall covering and floor covering may not meet these specifications. No borders, wall coverings, or window treatments shall be installed in an area unless approved as part of a remodel project or ordered by Facilities Planning and installed by the Physical Plant. 

The Physical Plant provides three standard colors for painting offices at no charge: tan, light gray, and off–white or other standard colors for that building. No other colors shall be used. A work request should be submitted to the Physical Plant to request painting of offices and spaces.

Please bear in mind that no individual owns the space assigned at FHSU. The space belongs to the University. All remodeling and demolition needs to be approved and coordinated.

Approved by Cabinet (01-03-01)  Revised (07-03)
Revision approved by President's Cabinet (12-07-11)

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