Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 6 -- Business Affairs: General Regulations, Services, and Procedures

Official Travel

“Official Travel” means travel by any employee of FHSU in furtherance of or incidental to such employee’s duties with the University. This policy only contains general requirements, and provisions relating to guests traveling with employees. Other provisions and requirements relating to travel by University employees and students may be found in other policies in this Handbook.

General Requirements

University employees are required to follow strict regulations, which are established by the State of Kansas, when traveling. A handbook and personal assistance are available at the Business Office. The following general guidelines are not intended to provide all necessary information to travelers. Please contact the Business Office for current and accurate information.

In-State Travel Requirements

1. Determine the dates and costs associated with the trip and complete a travel authorization form. The purpose of this form is to allow appropriate management the opportunity to approve the trip.

2. While on the trip, keep all receipts for reimbursable expenses.

3. After the trip is over and the exact costs are known, complete a travel expense voucher, attach all receipts, and forward to the business office. Reimbursement will follow as soon as possible.

Out-of-State Travel Requirements

1. Follow Steps 1 through 3 above.

Guest Policy

FHSU employees engaged in official travel are permitted to bring guests along with them, so long as the presence of any such guest does not distract from, interfere with or prevent the employee from fulfilling the purposes of the trip. No funds of the University or the State of Kansas will be used to pay for travel costs of the employee’s guest. Any increased cost to the University or the State of Kansas resulting from the presence of the employee’s guests on the trip must be paid directly by the employee or the guest, or reimbursed to the University, as the case may be. All travel arrangements for guests will be made by the guests themselves and no university resources will be used to arrange any part of the travel of the employee’s guests.

Employees and their guests should not seek the assistance of hosts, including but not limited to, conference sponsors and organizers and international partner institutions, with any travel arrangements. International partner institutions will be informed by FHSU not to assist guests of FHSU employees in arranging excursions or other such related trips. FHSU employees engaged in official travel shall not invite guests to attend functions, including but not limited to dinners, banquets, receptions, etc. arranged as part of the event for which the employee is attending, unless the event organizer specifically allows guests of all attendees to attend, and so long as any increase cost due to the guest attendance is paid for by the employee or the guest. 

When engaged in official travel, FHSU employees shall obey all other applicable University, regent, and state laws, rules, regulations and policies. Consequently, any such policies prohibiting any persons not employed by the state or otherwise reasonably engaged in official state business from riding in state owned or leased motor vehicles apply. FHSU employees engaged in official travel whose guests are not reasonably engaged in official state business shall make other travel arrangements not involving state owned or leased vehicles. 

FHSU cannot and does not guarantee the safety of participants, and will not be responsible for any harm or injury resulting to or caused by guests of FHSU employees engaged in official travel. The liability of FHSU for actions of employees is governed by the Kansas Tort Claims Act (K.S.A. 75-6101 et seq.) and other laws, rules and regulations. Nothing in this policy shall be construed as allowing or creating any inference or perception that a guest of an FHSU employee engaged in official travel is an employee or other duly authorized representative of the University, or that any guest of a university employee is authorized to represent or act on the behalf of FHSU in any circumstance.

Adopted by President’s Cabinet 10/11/2006
Adopted by Executive Leadership Team 2/26/2016

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