Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook Chapter 7-- Student Affairs

Housing for Students

The University maintains several options for student housing as follows:

                                     Spaces Available     Type of Occupancy

Agnew Hall                            123                            Coed
Custer Hall                             106                            Coed (KAMS Housing)
Heather Hall                           112                            Coed
McMindes Hall                       630                            Coed
Stadium Place                       120                             Coed
Wiest Hall                              420                             Coed
Wooster Place                       84 Apartments           Coed, Nontraditional Students

In addition, six fraternities and sororities offer room and board for more than 300 students.

The Stadium Place apartments opened in 2005.  These apartments are designed for style, comfort and durability to better accommodate today‚Äôs student.  Each occupant has their own bedroom and shares a bath with only one other person.  The apartment is fully furnished, including the living room, bedrooms, dining area and a fully accessorized kitchen.  A newly constructed Agnew Hall opened in 2012 and Heather Hall opened in 2013.  Both of these buildings are suite style housing that provide students with a single bedroom, two bathrooms per suite, a living room and a small kitchenette.  Each suite is designed to hold either three or four residents.

Unmarried freshmen students with less than one year out of high school are required to live in a University residence hall, a fraternity, sorority, or the home of their parents or legal guardian. Other students may live wherever they choose.

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