Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 7-- Student Affairs

Meningitis Policy

Fort Hays State University requires all students living in University Housing or Greek Housing to receive the meningitis vaccination or sign a waiver indicating their knowledge of the risks of bacterial meningitis and their decision to not be vaccinated. It is also strongly recommended that all other students become knowledgeable about meningitis and consider vaccination in order to reduce their risk. Students may provide proof of vaccination from their primary care provider or receive the vaccine at the Student Health Center.

Non-compliant students will be placed on administrative HOLD and will remain on administrative HOLD until compliance is documented with the Student Health Center. "Administrative HOLD" means that the student is unable to enroll for the following semester. Immunization status will be maintained at the student Health Center.

Adopted by FHSU through Vice President of Student Affairs (07/26/05)

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