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Student Recognition Programs

2016 Student Recognition Programs are right around the corner.  Here's a snapshot of what we call SRP's at Fort Hays State!
YOU'RE INVITED to a reception for all prospective Fort Hays State University students.  If you are a high school junior or senior or a transfer student....bring your family and friends and join us at the Student Recognition Program near or in your hometown.  Students all over the states of Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska are checking out Fort Hays State University and this is a great place to meet other students from your area who are thinking about becoming a Tiger.  On this day, you will meet President Mirta Martin and other faculty and staff from the university.   Also, all students in attendance will receive a free t-shirt and those with scholarships will be recognized at the program.  What a great opportunity to meet those that care about you and your future as a Tiger. 

...and don't forget that FHSU will award a $400 scholarship for the 2016-2017 school year as well as a iPad to a high school senior or transfer student in attendance!


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