University Farm

The university farm is almost as old as the institution itself, having started in 1908. The college farm was used to raise income crops to supplement the college budget, supply grain for dairy, hog and poultry projects, and to furnish food for the dining hall. It also was used to train students to work on family farms. Today, the farm includes crop, beef, swine and sheep units that give Agriculture majors and minors hands-on experience in a real-world setting as they pursue their degree programs.
The 3,825 acre farm adds strength to the teaching program by allowing students to gain practical experience in production agriculture and to develop management skills. The University Farm operates primarily as a commercial farm, thereby providing a realistic laboratory to apply classroom learning and observe practical agricultural production practices.
University FarmThe farm consists of four major agricultural enterprises -- beef, swine, sheep, and crop production. All production units offer some part-time student employment opportunities. The FHSU University Farm sends greetings and invites you to visit. Call ahead if possible (phone numbers appear for each unit on their page), but please stop and see us.
Fun Fact: Some called this area the “Great American Desert” and felt that no one could live on it. Second FHSU President William Alexander Lewis had a different idea. He believed the land could be converted into productive fields where students could earn their livelihood and their education.

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