Yield Monitoring and Mapping

In an effort to learn as much as possible about what affects crop production and profits, many growers monitor crop yields in their fields. Traditionally, growers measured crop yields for whole fields or for large sections of fields. Recently-available technologies (yield monitors on combines) permit growers to measure yields more precisely, on areas much smaller than whole fields.

Instantaneous yield monitors measure and record yields on-the-go. Data points are continuously collected as the combine operates. The system also has the capability to measure the area harvested for each recorded weight or volume. When combined with a differential global positioning system (GPS), instantaneous yield monitors provide the data for generating site-specific yield maps. Yields are associated with specific locations within a field automatically. The yield monitor also measures grain moisture content on-the-go. The collect-and-weigh method is typically used in conjunction with instantaneous yield monitoring for the purpose of calibrating the on-the-go monitors to ensure accuracy.