Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Studio Art

Program of Study

Program Requirements 
General Education Requirements 55 credit hours
Modern Language Requirements 10 credit hours
Art Program Core Requirements 33 credit hours
Studio Art Major Electives 16 credit hours
Free Electives 10 credit hours
Core Requirements 
ART 205 3-D Design/Crafts 3 credit hours
ART 210 Drawing I 3 credit hours
ART 215 Drawing II 3 credit hours
ART 240 Basic Design 3 credit hours
Three Courses in studio areas (excluding major and minor), choose from: 9 credit hours
  • ART 220 Introduction to Painting
  • ART 230 Sculpture
  • ART 250 Printmaking
  • ART 260 Ceramics
  • DESIGN course, choose from:
  • ART 243 Graphic Design
  • ART 244 Creative Photography
  • or a 200-level Interior Design
ART 310 Figure Drawing 3 credit hours
ART 380 Survey of Art History 3 credit hours
Two 400-level Art History courses 6 credit hours
TOTAL  33 credit hours 
Studio Art Major Electives 
Choose from courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics or design (photography) 16 credit hours 

For more information about the course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, concentration in Studio Art, please contact us to speak with a faculty advisor.