Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Concentration in General Music

The Bachelors of General Studies Degree in General Music consists of 21 hours in the field of music. All courses are available online through the FHSU Virtual College.

This program is designed for:
-Those who currently perform music in a casual or limited way that wish to learn more about the historical and theoretical components that shape the art form.
-Those who studied music in the past who wish to re-acquaint themselves with the historical and theoretical components of the art form.

Prior experience with music is not required for this degree program. No face-to-face music performance classes (private lessons, group/small ensembles, etc) are included in this concentration. Face-to-face performance-based classes will not be accepted for transfer credit from other institutions for the purposes of this degree. The courses in this concentration are designed to add to a student’s knowledge about the art of music, and are neither designed to prepare a student for graduate study in music nor serve as a professional substitute for the Bachelor of Music in Performance or Bachelor of Music in Education degree program.

21 credit hours are required in the concentration area:

The following courses are currently available:
MUS 161: Listening to Music (3)
MUS 291: American Popular Music (3)
MUS 391: Jazz (3)
MUS 361: World Music (3)

These courses will be available soon:
MUS 479: Topics in Music: Tonal Music Theory Review (1650-1900) (3)
MUS 491: Music History I (3)
MUS 492: Music History II (3)
MUS 479: Topics in Music: Capstone Project (3)

All students must take MUS479: Topics in Music: Tonal Music Theory Review (1650-1900) and MUS479: Topics in Music: Capstone Project. The Capstone Project should be taken in the student’s final semester. The remaining 15 credit hours required of the concentration may be taken from the other courses described. MUS 491 should be taken prior to MUS 492. Equivalent courses at other institutions may be eligible for transferability.

For more information about the FHSU Department of Music, visit the following Web site:, or call 785-628-4533.

For information about the BGS degree, please visit or contact:
Dr. Bradley Will, Assistant Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies:
Joleen Briggs, Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Studies:

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