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"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth..."
Sherlock Holmes — The Sign of Four


Marymere Falls
Marymere Falls
Olympic NP, Washington
Photograph by Mark Eberle
July 2002

Maligne Canyon Falls AB
Maligne Canyon Falls
Jasper NP, Alberta
Photograph by Mark Eberle
August 2012

Personal Summaries

Travels in History and Natural History (pdf files)
Historical Baseball Parks and Museums
Written in Stone: Limestone Structures in Western Kansas (pdf file)
Auto Tour Route: Butterfield Overland Despatch/Smoky Hill Trail (pdf files)
A Dog's Life (Mostly) (pdf file)
Where They Lived: Historic Homes of Biologists and Naturalists (pdf file)

Web Bookmarks (Incomparable fish illustrations of Joe Tomelleri)
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