Dr. Jordana "Jordge" LaFantasie

E-mail: jjlafantasie@fhsu.edu

Image of Dr LaFantasie

PhD: University of Wyoming, 2008
Major: Agronomy, Emphasis in Rangeland Soils and Invasive Species
Dissertation Title: “Invasion Ecology of Black Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger L.) in Sagebrush, Mixed Grass and Short Grass Ecosystems"

BS: University of Wyoming, 2004
Major: Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management
Minor: Soil Science

Research Interests: My research interests are broad and aimed at the needs of rangeland managers and landowners, as well as the scientific community. They include:

  • Aboveground and belowground responses of rangelands/grasslands to changes in disturbance regimes due to anthropogenic and natural forces
    • Plant community composition
    • Soil community composition
    • Aboveground and belowground relationships between suites of species
    • Ecosystem function from micro to landscape levels
  • Rangeland invasive plants
    • Control and prevention with an ecological approach
    • Impacts of invasive species on native plant and soil communities
    • Mechanisms behind invasive plant recruitment, survival and dominance of invasive plants in rangelands
    • Native plant community susceptibility to invasion
  • Plant-fungal mutualisms
    • Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    • Dark septate endophytes

Mailing Address, US Post Office:
   Department of Biological Sciences
   Fort Hays State University
   509 South Campus Drive, Room 302
   Hays, KS 67601

Mailing Address, Private Couriers (e.g., UPS, FedEx):
   Department of Biological Sciences
   Fort Hays State University
   600 Park Street
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