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Employers Registered for the 2017 Spring Career-Internship Fair

Last Updated: February 7, 2017

Preferred majors for each organization are listed next to the company name. 

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, Chtd. (Accounting)
Aflac (All Majors)
Banker's Life (All Majors)
Bartlett and Company (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop/Soil Science)
Boot Hill Casino & Resort (Accounting, Art, Business Education, Communication, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, General Studies,  INT, International Business, Justice Studies, Management, MIS, Marketing, Mathematics, Organizational Leadership, Tourism & Hospitality)
BTI (Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Crop/Soil Science) 
Cargill Inc. (All Majors)
Carrico Implement Company, Inc. (Agriculture, Crop/Soil Science, Computer Science, INT, MIS)
CHS/United Plains Ag (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop/Soil Science, Marketing)
Coleman Industrial Construction, Inc. (Industrial Technology, Management)
Crop Quest (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science)
Dallas Police Department (All Majors)
Diamond Ag Research (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Crop/Soil Science)
Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation (All Majors)
Emporia State University Graduate School (Accounting, Biological Sciences, Business Education, Chemistry, Computer Science, Counseling, English, Economics, General Studies, Geosciences, History, INT, Mathematics, MIS, Psychology)
Enterprise Holdings (All Majors)
Farm Credit of Southern Colorado (Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Business Communications, Communication, Computer Science, Crop/Soil Science, Economics, Finance, INT, Management, MIS, Marketing, Organizational Leadership)
Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance (Agribusiness, Business Communications, Computer Science, INT, MIS, Organizational Leadership) 
Farmway Coop Inc. (Agriculture, Computer Science, INT, MIS, Marketing)
FHSU Admissions Office (All Majors)
FHSU MBA Program (All Majors)
Gilmore Solutions (Agribusiness, Business Education, Communication, Computer Science, INT, Information Systems Engineering, MIS, Organizational Leadership, Technology Studies)
Great Plains Health (Finance, HHP, Nursing, Organizational Leadership)
Hays Medical Center (All Majors)
High Plains Farm Credit, ACA (Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Business Education, Economics, Finance/Financial Planning, Management)
IMA Financial Group (All Majors)
Irsik & Doll Feed Services, Inc. (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop/Soil Science)   
Jason's Deli (Management, Tourism & Hospitality)
Kansas City University (All Majors)
Kansas Highway Patrol (All Majors)
Knights of Columbus Insurance (All Majors)
Marine Officer Programs (All Majors)
Meredith Corporation - KCTV/KSMO (Journalism, Radio-TV-Film) 
Midland Marketing Coop Inc. (Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop/Soil Science, General Studies) 
Midway Motors of Hutchinson (Business Communications, General Studies, Marketing)
Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems (HHP)
MKC, TMA (Accounting, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Communication, Crop/Soil Science)
Modern Woodmen of America (All Majors)
Northwestern Mutual (All Majors)
Norton Correctional Facility (Counseling, General Studies, Justice Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management) 
Ogallala Commons (All Majors)
Rangeland Cooperatives, Inc. (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Crop/Soil Science) 
Rock Springs 4-H Center (All Majors)
Saint Francis Community Services (HHP, Social Work, Sociology)
Salina Police Department (Communication, General Studies, HHP, Justice Studies, Sociology)
Seaman Crop Consulting (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Crop/Soil Science)
Servi-Tech (Agriculture)
Shopko (All Majors)
Southwest Medical Center (HHP, MDI, Nursing, Radiology Technology)
State of Kansas Department for Children and Families (General Studies, Social Work)
Tradehome (All Majors)
Triumph Foods, LLC (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Business Education, Communication, General Studies, Management, Organizational Leadership)
United Suppliers (Agribusiness, Agriculture)
University of Kansas Medical Center (HHP, MDI, Nursing, Psychology) 
US Army Recruiting (All Majors)
USDA-NRCS and FSA (Agribusiness, Agriculture, Animal Science, Biological Sciences, Crop/Soil Science)
Woodley Aerial Spray (All Majors) 

Companies with internship opportunities:
Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, Chtd.
Banker's Life
Bartlett and Company
Boot Hill Casino
Cargill Inc.
Carrico Implement Company, Inc.
CHS/United Plains Ag
Coleman Industrial Construction, Inc.
Crop Quest 
Dallas Police Department
Diamond Ag Research
Enterprise Holdings
Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance 
Gilmore Solutions
Great Plains Health
Hays Medical Center
High Plains Farm Credit
IMA Financial Group
Irsik & Doll Feed Services, Inc.
Jason's Deli
Knights of Columbus Insurance
Marine Officer Programs
Meredith Corporation - KCTV/KSMO
Midland Marketing Coop Inc.
Midway Motors of Hutchinson
Modern Woodmen of America
Northwestern Mutual   
Norton Correctional Facility
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Ogallala Commons
Rangeland Cooperatives, Inc. 
Rock Springs 4-H Center
Salina Police Department
Seaman Crop Consulting
Southwest Medical Center
United Suppliers

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