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Interview Date: September 12, 2012
Interview Location: Sheridan Hall Room 214



Positions Interviewing for:

Crop Quest agronomists provide leadership and expertise in custom designing agronomic service programs for each customer. As a new employee, you will work with other Crop Quest agronomists for a period of time to gain hands-on crop production experience. We want you to be successful both personally and professionally.
Duties / Responsibilities:
Regular Field Checks
Insect, Weed & Disease Scouting
Soil Moisture Status Monitoring
Irrigation Scheduling
Ag Chemical, Fertilizer & Seed Recommendations
Soil Sampling
Equipment Calibration
Crop Rotation Planning
Solicit Customers & Increase Acres and/or Opportunities
Precision Ag Services (including GIS/GPS information)
Detailed Field Reports & Permanent Record Keeping
Crop Budgeting & Planning
Provide Personal Consultation with Clients as Needed
Educational / Promotional Presentations as Needed
Other Duties as Necessary

-Agronomist Intern
 Crop Quest agronomist interns work directly with Crop Quest agronomists during the summer growing season to gain hands-on crop production experience as a crop consultant. Many interns are given priority for full time agronomist positions upon completion of their Bachelor degree.
Duties / Responsibilities:
Work Closely with Experienced Agronomist
Perform Regular Field Checks & Diagnose Problems
Insect, Weed & Disease Scouting
Monitor Soil Moisture Status
Irrigation Scheduling
Soil Sampling
Assist Producers with Equipment Calibration
Learn How to Generate Detailed Field Reports
Other Duties as Necessary



Positions Located: KS, OK, TX, NE, CO
Majors: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agriculture Education, Technology Leadership, Technology Studies
Company Web site:

For more information or to sign up for an interview, visit their booth at the Career-Internship Day on 9/12/12 from 10 am to 2 pm in Gross Memorial Coliseum.

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