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Interview Date: September 20, 2012
Application Deadline: September 13
Interview Location: SH 214
Position Interviewing For:
-Entry Level Bank Examiner
Assistant National Bank Examiners begin their careers in our Midsize/Community Bank line of business, supporting the supervision of national community banks. Assignments cover all areas of banking, including examining loans, interest rate risk, capital, liquidity, consumer protection programs, and compliance with banking laws and regulations.
Assistant National Bank Examiners spend 30 to 80 percent of their early career traveling to banks across the country, depending on work location. They work in one of OCC's 70 field offices, at banks, or bank branches.
Assistant National Bank Examiners:
-Organize and analyze selected data;
-Complete bank supervision procedures;
-Check compliance with laws and regulations;
-Gather information through discussions with other employees;
-Discuss findings with other examiners and bank management;
-Draw conclusions and recommend corrective action; and
-Conduct off-site analyses, write memoranda and reports, and update or write examination comments under close supervision.

Salary and Benefits:
The OCC offers competitive salaries according to a performance-based pay plan. The starting salary for an entry-level examiner is a non-negotiable $48,500 per year, plus an additional supplement in certain high-cost locations.
The OCC also offers one of the best benefits programs in the federal government.

Career Advancement:
After several years of formal and on-the-job training, Assistant National Bank Examiners may take the Uniform Commissioned Examination. Successful completion of the examination leads to a commission as a National Bank Examiner and opportunities to manage an entire bank examination as an Examiner-in-Charge. Some examiners go into specialized areas, such as asset management, bank information technology, international banking, capital markets, compliance, credit, and retail credit.
Majors Interviewing: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, MBA
Position Location: Various Locations
Company Web site:

For more information or to sign up for an interview, go to Careers for Tigers at Call 628-4260 or stop by SH 214 if you have any questions.

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