In September 2002, the FHSU service-learning committee was established on the Fort Hays State University campus. Early that fall, the first organized service-learning event was held on campus, with over thirty faculty members attending. During 2002-2003, less than 10 courses with a service-learning component were offered on campus.

In the fall of 2004, the University chose as one of its performance agreement goals improving civic/community engagement on the campus.

Since its inception, service-learning has grown to over 50 courses in 16 departments. Virtual college courses are being offered with a service-learning component. An annual campus-community service fair is held each fall. This event allows for many community agencies to establish partnerships with various departments and share in the benefits of this innovative teaching pedagogy.

FHSU is striving to meet it’s commitment to providing students with an increased awareness of civic engagement.

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