Master of Science in Education (MSE) for T2T Requirements

Transition to Teaching students may complete a Master of Science in Education (MSE)  degree by successful completion of the T2T courses for licensure, twelve additional hours of AEP courses and successful completion of a Comprehensive Exam.  The standard MSE in T2T degree includes the courses listed below.  T2T students who wish to pursue the MSE degree need to declare their intent to the Graduate School to be degree seeking.  All T2T students must apply to the Graduate school,

Course Credit Hours
AEP 800 Utilization of Technology In  Classrooms 3
AEP 803 Educational Research 3
AEP 855 Educational Leadership 3
AEP 859 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation 3
  12 Credit Hours
TESS 800 Induction to Teaching 2
TESS 801 An Introduction to Teaching 3
TESS 802 Planning for Instruction 3
TESS 803 Understanding the Foundations of Education 2
TESS 804 Understanding the Learner 3
TESS 805 Working with Diverse and Exceptional Learners 3
TESS 806 Improving Instruction Through Reading and Writing 2
TESS 807 Becoming a Reflective Teacher 2
TESS 808 Practicum (Two Year Program) 4 x 1
T2T classes (Two Year Program) 24 Credit Hours
MSE Total (Two Year Program) 36 Credit Hours

All candidates must successfully complete a Comprehensive Exam as a requirement for the MSE Degree.

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