Transition to Teaching Program (T2T)

KSDE Regulations:

  1. Completion of an undergraduate (bachelor's degree or higher) or graduate degree in the content area or with equivalent coursework in the area for which the restricted license is sought.
  2. Verification of a minimum 2.75 grade point average for the most recent 60 semester credit hours earned.  
  3. Heritage language speakers shall qualify as having met content equivalency for their heritage language.
  4. Verification that the applicant has attained a passing score on the content assessment required by the state board of education. It would be wise to take the content assessment as soon as possible.  You can register for it at and go to Praxis II tests, Subject Area Assessments.
  5. Verification that a supervised practical training experience has been completed through collaboration of the teacher education institution and the hiring local education agency.
  6. The plan for completion can be completed in not more than two years.  
  7. The program is only for secondary and middle school areas -- it does not include elementary education
  8. The applicant has made appropriate progress during first year toward completion of the plan to qualify for full licensure.
  9. Must attain 2.50 GPA each year in those courses specified in the plan for full licensure.

Other Requirements:

  • can be employed by any accredited school in Kansas
  • If have a major in a content area, do not need additional content coursework. If in another related area, must meet our approved program.
  • The program has 24 hours of specific graduate level on-line courses delivered in a rotation over a 2 year period. Includes 4 credit hours of practicum. All of the coursework is online except for a 4-day induction class, the summer prior to entering the program.

Candidates are provided with mentors by their school district. The collaboration of school and university personnel will assist candidates in meeting State standards and providing support in completing the program.

FHSU Restricted Teaching Policy


Year 1

  • TESS 800 Induction (2 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 801 Introduction to Teaching (3 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 804 Understanding the Learner (3 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 808 Supervised Practicum (First Semester) (1 Credit Hour FHSU)
  • TESS 802 Planning for Instruction (3 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 808 Supervised Practicum (Second Semester) (1 Credit Hour FHSU)

Year 2

  • TESS 803 Understanding Foundations of Education (2 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 806 Improving Instruction through Reading/Writing (2 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 805 Working with Diverse & Exceptional Learners (3 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 808 Supervised Practicum (First Semester) (1 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 807 Becoming a Reflective Teacher (2 Credit Hours FHSU)
  • TESS 808 Supervised Practicum (Second Semester) (1 Credit Hour FHSU)

Total: 24 Credit Hours

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