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Meet with representatives from FHSU's Para Pathway (elementary education) program and T2T program to learn more about these programs and have your questions answered.  Contact Kerry Schuckman, FHSU Assistant Director, T2T Program, for more information.  (785) 628-4542 or



 Transition to Teaching Program (T2T)


The T2T program is designed to fill secondary teaching vacancies in school districts through an alternate route to teacher licensure.  It includes the recruitment and training of mid-career professionals seeking a career change to enter the teaching profession.  A qualified candidate must either have a bachelor's degree or higher in the content area or coursework equivalent to a major in the subject area AND is hired to teach that subject in a public or private state-accredited school in Kansas.  

T2T Brochure


Transition to Teaching Program Awards and Accolades 

Congratulations to the following on receiving the 2017 Kansas Horizon Award:  Carter Kruger, FHSU T2T Math Teacher, Liberal High School; Ashley Winger, FHSU T2T Biology Teacher, Salina West Alternative Program; Jennifer Daley, FHSU T2T Journalism Teacher, Shawnee Heights High School; Penny Seifert, FHSU T2T Math Teacher, Turner Sixth Grade Academy; Cady Jackson, FHSU T2T English Teacher, Valley Center High School; and Nova Latta, FHSU English Teacher, Chisholm Middle School.  

Congratulations to Justin Coffey, FHSU T2T graduate, for being named 2016 Kansas Teacher of the Year!  Read the full article here.

Congratulations to Jim Deane, Ottawa High School Physics Teacher and Science Department Chair, completed the FHSU T2T program in 2011 and this year was named Outstanding Physics Teacher for the AAPT Arkansas-Oklahoma-Kansas section at the annual meeting Fall 2016.

Congratulations to Heidi Albin, FHSU T2T Teacher at Complete High School in Maize, was the recipient of the Kansas Horizon Award in 2011.  Outstanding!

Content Areas for Teaching

The following are the teaching content areas in FHSU's Transition to Teaching Program: Agriculture, Art (PreK-12), Biology, Business, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, German (Prek-12), History, Journalism, middle level English (5-8), middle level History comprehensive (5-8), middle level Math (5-8), middle level Science (5-8), Mathematics, Music, Physical Education (PreK-12), Physics, Spanish (PreK-12) and Technology Studies.




What Summer Induction class teachers have to say...


"I really enjoyed the communication between other teachers who could share their experience."

"It covered a lot of topics that new teachers can't have knowledge of prior to the start of the school year."

"I was nervous when I arrived because I felt inadequate, but this class gave me enough tools that I am confident I can effectively teach."

"I think the T2T program is awesome! I appreciate the opportunity it offers and has allowed me to follow a dream that would otherwise be unmanageable."

"Helpful information on classroom management for entering the school year. Learning different ways to incorporate learning group work was very helpful."

What are all of the specific eligibility requirements?    T2T Requirements

How Do I Begin?


  • Contact Mrs Sherry Spangler, T2T Administrative Assistant, 785-628-5498 or OR Mrs. Kerry Schuckman, FHSU Licensure Officer, 785-628-4542 or Email or fax (785-628-4447) copies of transcripts for an analysis to determine if you qualify for the program.
  • If eligible for the program, a Letter of Eligibility will be provided to you.  Next, locate a teaching position within your content area. You may contact local school districts directly, go to or attend the FHSU Teacher Career Fair in early Spring.
  • Take and pass the Subject Area Assessment required for your teaching area. Must be passed prior to receiving a restricted teaching license. To register, go to
  • After a position is secured, you'll need to complete the KSDE application for a restricted teaching license and be fingerprinted.  A Plan of Study will be created outlining required courses you will take. KSDE will accept old assessments for up to 6 years after the beginning date of a new assessment as long as the old assessment was taken and passed prior to the beginning date of the new assessment.

Admission Process

The admission process is a collaborative effort with the applicant, a school district, and Fort Hays State University. Applicants must: 

Once you have been hired, contact the FHSU Licensure Office. You will be sent directions for completing the KSDE Application (Form 9) and a Plan of Study will be created for you. Once the application materials have been returned to the Licensure Office, you will need to apply to the Graduate School. A completed application to the Graduate School for programs in the Advanced Education Programs Department includes evidence of a successful Background Check.  Once accepted to the Graduate School, you can then enroll for the applicable courses on your Plan of Study.

When applying for this degree program in the Graduate School, look for this title on the application, MSE in Education (Transition to Teaching).  When applying for this program for endorsement only, look for this title on the application, Non-degree Transition to Teaching


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