The master calendar is available on the website at  Events can be easily added to the calendar by following the steps below.


Here is the FHSU Master Calendar



Add your calendar

To add events to the master calendar, users must first have a calendar associated with their folder.  The calendar being created in the folder is just created to post events to the master calendar.

1. Click on the Content tab and Navigate to your folder

2. Click New -> Calendar


3. In the Add Calendar dialog, give your calendar a name and ensure that there is a checkbox in Content Searchable = Inherit parent configuration as well as Display Settings= Inherit parent configuration


4. Click on the Taxonomy tab and uncheck Inherit parent configuration.  Checkbox Calendar.

5. Click Add Calendar at the top.  A new folder is created in your folder structure for the calendar.



Add Events

You can now use your calendar to add events to the Master Calendar.  Follow these instructions to add an event.  Always remember to go to the taxonomy tab and choose master calendar to get your event to appear on the master calendar.

1. Navigate to your calendar folder and click on it to display the calendar

2. At the top, click on New -> Add Calendar Event


3. Fill out the form with the event information.  Be sure to choose the beginning and ending dates and times.

4. If your event is a recurring event, then click the Recurrence tab and place a check next to recurrence.  Fill out the form that displays


5. Click the Taxonomy tab.  Check box calendar and then Master to make the event appear on the Master Calendar


6. Click on the Metadata tab and fill out the required metadata

7. Click Save at the bottom

8. The event is added to the master calendar

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