Editing Content

There are a few ways to edit content using the CMS.  Users can login to the CMS and edit the content item in the workarea, or for basic edits, the “Edit in Context” feature is a great option.  Instructions to use each editing option are detailed below.

Edit in the Workarea

1.    From the Content tab, navigate to your content item that needs editing
2.    There are two ways to get to the editing screen. 

  • Click the down area next to the content item and choose Edit
  • Click the item once and choose Edit at the top of the screen that loads
edit button

3.     The content editor window displays.  From here you can change text, add images, delete images, build tables, or update metadata, aliases, templates, etc.

Edit in Context

Using the Edit in Context feature is best for making quick spelling changes, text changes, and link updates.  For more involved editing, use the workarea.
1.    In order to use the Edit in Context feature, you will need to be logged in to the CMS
2.    Navigate to the actual web page that needs editing
3.    While on the page, there will be an Ektron bar running along the top of the page.  There is a sliding bar with an orange button at the top left.  It will default to "switch to edit".  If you want to edit the page you are on, click the orange button on the slider to switch between "editing the content" or "viewing the content".
Edit in Context bar
4.    Once you are in editing view, you can hover over your content block to expose the black editing box around it.
 black box
5.    Click the menu button in the top right of the black editing box to view your options
6.    Choose Edit in Context and begin editing the content. (Once saved, refresh the page to make additional edits)
Edit in Context - new

Menu Options:

  • Edit in Context: The page will turn into an editable page to make basic text changes.  The limited features available are located on the top bar.  These features are: Save, Spell Check, Hyperlink Manager, Remove Link, Library, Bold, and Italic.  Once the page edits are made, click Save at the top and the changes are made instantly.  If no editing is done, click the X to close without making any changes.
  • Edit:  Clicking Edit will open the page in the Workarea of the CMS for editing.  
  • View History:  Will bring up the history listing in the Workarea of the CMS
  • Add Task:  If you have tasks set up, you can add a task for a user or group
  • Properties:  Clicking Properties will open the properties window for the page in the Workarea of the CMS
  • Workarea: Opens the Workarea
  • Logout: Logout of the CMS


Edit In Context How To Video
*note: this video demonstrates the process based on the old method.  

1 minute 6 seconds

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