There are many different menus used throughout the FHSU website.  Most menus are at the control of the web content manager and a request must be made to make a change to these menus. 

Menus that are at the control of CMS users are the horizontal menus at the top of each content page.  These are referred to as “Collections” in our CMS.

The below images show some samples of menus that are controlled by the web content manager, as well as the “collections” that can be updated by our CMS users.

 Menu Sample

New Menu 

Collection Sample

New - Collection

Collections Overview

Collections are used to organize content to make it easier for users to navigate through your webpages.  Please keep in mind that the collection list should not contain too many tabs.  If possible, the tabs should stay on one row.  Not only is this more visually appealing, but it is also easier for visitors to quickly navigate your site.  Ease of use and the ability to quickly find the desired information is what visitors need.

Collection tab names:  The name that is on each tab is the name of the content item that is added to the collection.  Name your content item exactly what you want to appear on the tab.

Collections apply to an entire folder from the folder hierarchy.  This is important to note, as many times users want to break down the folder hierarchy into subfolders.  Each folder will need to have its own collection created in this case. 


Add a collection

1.     Navigate to the folder where you would like to add your collection.  All HTML content items inside this folder will now use this collection.
2.    Click New > Collection
3.    Give your collection a name and checkbox include subfolders.  Including the subfolders allows a user to add collection items from other folders within the respective main folder.  It does not mean that the collection will be applied to every subfolder beneath the main folder.

4.    Click Save
5.    To begin adding items to the collection, click the Add Items button at the top

6.    Checkbox the content items that should be added to your collections.  You can navigate through the folders to add the items.  To add a collection item that is not within your folder, contact the Web Content Manager to add the item.  

7.    Click Add.  The list of items on your collection is displayed.  To continue adding items click Add Items again.

Edit and Organize a Collection

1.    Navigate to the folder where the collection is being used
2.    From the top menu, click the View button and select Collection

3.    Click on the Collection that you want to edit
4.    The View Collection screen is loaded.  From here new items can be added by clicking the Add items button
5.    The collection can be organized from this screen as well.  See below.


Remove Items:  Click on the remove items button.  Checkbox the items to remove and click the Delete button at the top.  These items are removed from the collection.

Reorder Items: Click on the Reorder items button.  Highlight the item to move and use the arrows to move it up and down.  Click Update to apply the changes.
Reorder Items 

Delete:  Clicking the delete button will delete the entire collection.

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