Restoring Content

There are a variety of reasons that a user may need to restore a previous version of a web page.  The restore feature is a very valuable tool in the CMS.  History markers are created for most versions of your web page.  History and restore features are available for all content items, forms, and documents loaded as assets.   

View History

In order to determine which page you want to restore back to, use the history button to view the pages.  You can access the history of a page from the “silver bullet” menu, or within the CMS.  These instructions detail using the workarea CMS to view the history.
1.    Navigate to the content item that you would like to view history for or restore and click it once
2.    The View Content screen appears.  Click the history icon next to the Edit button.

history button
3.    The list of history points for your content item appears


4.    To view a version, click on the date
5.    The View Content History page appears
6.    If this is the correct page you can click on the restore button and this page will become your active page on the website
•    Click on the view differences icon to view the differences between page versions
 view differences
7.     Click Back to return to the history page without making any changes

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