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Some users may want to add social media icons or streams to web pages.  Please follow these instructions to do so.

Social Media Icons

There are many different social media icons that can be downloaded from the web.  Once you have downloaded an icon or icon set, you can add the images that you will use into your library.  

1.  Add the image to your webpage by following the instructions on the “Adding Images & Documents” page.
2.  Create a link(s) to your social media page.  Select the image and click the Hyperlink manager button.  Follow the instructions to add the link.

 social icons

Using Social Plugins

There are many social plugins available with the most popular social media sites.  The below links give some information about two of the most popular social media sites.

Facebook Social Plug-ins:


Twitter Widgets:


Once you have your widget or plugin customized, it will give you some HTML code.  


Follow these instructions to embed the social media plugin.

1. Navigate to your content item where the plugin should be added

2. Edit the content item

3. Embed code is in HTML format and must be added from the HTML code view rather than the design view.

4. Within the design view, type “embed here” where you want the plugin placed.  This will be used as a marker to help you find the location within the HTML code view to paste the embed code.

5. To switch to the HTML code view, click the HTML button at the bottom of the editor.


6. The HTML code view is displayed in the editor.  

7. Either scan the code to locate your marker text of “Embed here” or click somewhere within the code and Press CTRL + F.  The Find dialog is loaded.

8. Type embed here in the Find text box.  

9. Copy your plugin’s embed code.  Be sure the entire code is copied.

10. With the “Embed here” highlighted, paste the embed code.  Publish the page.


Inserting Embed Code How To Video

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